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Fiziol Zh SSSR Im I M Sechenova. 1975 Oct;61(10):1449-53.

[Participation of the cardiac sympathetic innervation in the occurrence of vagotomic and atropine tachycardia in anesthetized dogs].

Fiziologicheskii zhurnal SSSR imeni I. M. Sechenova

[Article in Russian]
M G Nikol'skaia, G E Samonina, M G Udel'nov

PMID: 1204856


The sympathetic nervous system's role in the post-vagotomy and atropin-induced tachycardia was studied in anesthetized dogs. Bilateral vagotomy was followed by 166% tachycardia while on exclusion of the heart sympathetic innervation (inderal or novocain injections into the right stellate ganglion) the bilateral vagotomy was accompanied by a considerably lesser tachycardia (33%). The i.v. atropine administration increased the heart rate by 177% whereas in the presence of inderal it increased the heart rate by 77% only. Thereupon, the post-vagotomy or atropin-induced tachycardia in anesthetized dogs was to a considerable extent associated with activation of the sympatho-adrenal system.

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