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Child Dev. 1975 Jun;46(2):319-30.

Attachment behavior: a validation study in two age groups.

Child development

S S Feldman, M E Ingham

PMID: 1183265


To assess the validity of attachment scores derived from the Ainsworth "strange situation," 56 1-year-olds and 79 2-year-olds accompanied by either the mother, the father, or a brief acquaintance were studied. Proximity to the adult, duration of play, crying, activity, and the incidence of looks and distance bids were measured. 1-year-olds were more secure with their parents: they were more active, played more, cried less, and stood closer to their parents than to an acquaintance. 2-year-olds accompanied by their parents were less settled in the presence of a stranger than children accompanied by the acquaintance. The adequacy of current conceptions and measures of attachment was discussed in light of these results.

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