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Orv Hetil. 1992 Nov 01;133(44):2831-3.

[Bilateral exploration in unilateral inguinal hernia (cost-benefit)].

Orvosi hetilap

[Article in Hungarian]
G Bán, K Füzesi


  1. Szeged megyei jogú városi Onkormányzat Gyermekkórház és Ifjúsági Rendelöintézet.

PMID: 1437105


The authors performed simultaneous inguinal exploration of the right side on 100 girls operated on for the left sided inguinal hernia and hernial sac was found in 73 cases on the right asymptomatic side too. Though the simultaneous bilateral exploration has been proposed by several authors in the case of unilateral inguinal hernia of infants and children, the controversy continues among the pediatric surgeons in this respect at present too. The great number of the hernial sac found on the asymptomatic side according to the authors opinion must be enough to be agreeable with the routine bilateral exploration on girls. There has not been found any publication in the Hungarian literature about this topic.

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