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Oncogene. 1989 Mar;4(3):341-9.

Translocations and rearrangements in T-cell acute leukemias with the t(11;14) (p13;q11) chromosomal translocations.


R C Harvey, C Martinerie, L H Sun, D Williams, L C Showe, C Marteneire


  1. Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104.

PMID: 2523031


Chromosomal translocations involving the T-cell receptor alpha and delta genes at q11 on chromosome 14 are the most common cytogenetic abnormalities in patients with T-cell tumors. We have demonstrated that the t(11;14)(p13;q11) translocation in two T-ALL patients involves the J delta region suggesting that the translocation proceeds or coincides with delta gene rearrangement. Additional rearrangements on both normal and translocated chromosomes 14 are described including rearrangement of both Tcr-alpha and Tcr-delta genes, and deletions within the J alpha region. The polyclonality of rearrangements on the normal chromosome 14 in one of the patient samples demonstrates that T-cell receptor rearrangement continues after the translocation event. The identification of clonally expanded rearrangements involving both the Tcr-delta and the Tcr-alpha genes in a single patient suggests a cascade model for delta----alpha expression may be a viable pathway for T-cell maturation.


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