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Int J Res Serv Learn Community Engagem. 2014;2(1):95-114.

Engaging Religious Institutions to Address Racial Disparities in HIV/AIDS: A Case of Academic-Community Partnership.

The international journal of research on service-learning and community engagement

Magdalena Szaflarski, Lisa M Vaughn, Camisha Chambers, Mamie Harris, Andrew Ruffner, Yolanda Wess, LaSharon Mosley, Chandra Smith


  1. University of Alabama at Birmingham and University of Cincinnati.
  2. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and University of Cincinnati.
  4. University of Cincinnati.
  5. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

PMID: 28239643 PMCID: PMC5325098


African Americans face the most severe burden of HIV among all racial and ethnic groups. Direct involvement of faith leaders and faith communities is increasingly suggested as a primary strategy to reduce HIV-related disparities, and Black churches are uniquely positioned to address HIV stigma, prevention, and care in African American communities. The authors describe an academic-community partnership to engage Black churches to address HIV in a predominantly African American, urban, southern Midwest location. The opportunities, process, and challenges in forming this academic-community partnership with Black churches can be used to guide future efforts toward engaging faith institutions, academia, and other community partners in the fight against HIV.

Keywords: Black churches; HIV/AIDS; community-engaged research


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