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Z Klin Psychol Psychopathol Psychother. 1988;36(4):328-36.

[Kraepelin's basic nosologic postulates. An attempt at a critical evaluation of the later works of Kraepelin].

Zeitschrift fur klinische Psychologie, Psychopathologie und Psychotherapie

[Article in German]
P Hoff


  1. Psychiatrische Klinik der Universität, München, FRG.

PMID: 3073607


This study discusses three important papers by Emil Kraepelin, published between 1918 and 1920. Kraepelin supports--in accordance with his teacher Wilhelm Wundt--the view of psychophysical parallelism as a basic principle of dealing with the questions of mental illness. Kraepelin is often called a nosologist; but one must not forget that Kraepelins nosology was not a static one, nor did he vote in favor of any kind of dogmatism. Only when Kraepelin's basic positions are reflected in a differentiated way, his enormous influence on very different parts of psychiatry as science can be understood.

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