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Stud Health Technol Inform. 2016;228:167-71.

Implementing PEHR: Design and Integration of a Consent Creator Service.

Studies in health technology and informatics

Nicolas Weiss, Lakshmi S Aguduri, Nilay Yüksekogul, Björn Schreiweis, Antje Brandner, Tobias Bronsch, Peter Pensold, Katharina E Stein, Björn Bergh, Oliver Heinze


  1. Center for Information Technology and Medical Engineering, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany.

PMID: 27577364


Giving the patient full control over his medical data electronically remains one of the most discussed topics in healthcare today. The INFOPAT project in the Rhine-Neckar region focuses on a personal cross-enterprise electronic health record (PEHR) in which the patient plays a major role. Thus, he should be provided with the possibility of granting access to his medical data which could be realized using a consent creator service. This paper presents a user interface concept for such a service as well as aspects for the technical implementation. In addition, a pattern for integrating the service into an existing IHE based infrastructure is shown. These concepts could be further adapted for improving patient empowerment in health care projects.

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