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Work in Progress - Diversity and Connection in CSTEM Integrated Project.

Ieee, N Mosina, P Khethavath

UIID-AD: 3901


In this paper we describe "Diversity and Connection in CSTEM" project that is currently being implemented at LaGuardia Community College. This faculty-driven integrated project targets diverse student population in Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics aiming to advance their engagement, connection, and retention in CSTEM. The project's implementation, empowered by pedagogy of integration and technology-intensive educational experiences, cuts across several categories: (a) experiential learning through undergraduate course-based, learning, and research projects that are incremental in their difficulty; (b) social learning with innovative technology/Web 2.0 resources and projects in gateway to CSTEM courses; (c) talks/discussions involving women and other underrepresented groups in CSTEM; (d) professional development for faculty. The authors hypothesize that integration of the proposed activities will help students solidify their knowledge acquired in CSTEM courses, build new skills needed for CSTEM workforce, increase self-confidence and awareness of CSTEM fields, and connect to each other and faculty.

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