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Dermatologica. 1979;159(1):62-70. doi: 10.1159/000250563.

Laboratory investigations in patients with generalized psoriasis under oral retinoid treatment. A multicenter study of computerized data.


C E Orfanos, G Mahrle, G Goerz, R Happle, M Hofbauer, E Landes, A Schimpf

PMID: 478044 DOI: 10.1159/000250563


Numerous laboratory parameters were examined 235 patients with generalized psoriasis treated orally with retinoid and in 35 patients treated topically with anthralin as control. Computer evaluation of the obtained data revealed statistical trends to elevation of the total serum bilirubin level and increasing number of blood monocytes after long-term oral treatment. No other statistically significant changes of the laboratory data were found. Particularly, the liver function tests (transaminases, prothrombin and alkaline phosphatase) showed no significant alterations. Only in a few cases did the retinoid compound have an influence on the GPT and GOT levels. The reasons for this individual sensitivity to the drug remain unknown. No significant alterations were found in the control group treated topically with anthralin.

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