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From the Sociology of Intellectuals to the Sociology of Interventions


Eyal G.
GSID: V2dXaNqswjkJ
G Eyal, L Buchholz - Annual Review of Sociology, 2010 -

This review suggests that the sociology of intellectuals is being converted into a sociology of interventions, ie, instead of focusing on a certain social type, it analyzes the movement by which knowledge and expertise are mobilized to inform a...

Systematic review of multidisciplinary interventions in heart failure


Holland R, Smith J.
R Holland, J Battersby, I Harvey, E Lenaghan, J Smith… - Heart, 2005 -

… Home visits have the potential to allow educational interventions to be tailored to a patient’s social circumstances. Telemonitoring gives … of multidisciplinary interventions on hospital admission and mortality in patients with heart failure. Multidisciplinary interventions were defined …

Describing rehabilitation interventions


Wade DT.
DT Wade - Clinical rehabilitation, 2005 -

… there are so many interventions. However the lack of an adequate system to classify and describe the complex interventions that constitute … research and reasonable description available for some surgical interventions. This editorial puts forward a classification system...

Tackling chronic disease in Europe: strategies, interventions and challenges


Busse R.
R Busse, D Scheller-Kreinsen, A Zentner - 2010 -

… Research indicates that broad approaches combining several interventions are most effective. … Cost−effectiveness for tobacco control is clear, but results of interventions to reduce and prevent … we identify for successful implementation of the main strategies and interventions....

Interventions in ethics


[No authors listed]
DZ Phillips - 1992 -

There is a growing need for interventions in ethics to counteract the tendency to generalize about moral issues. This book contains essays, written between 1965 and 1990, which focus on the need to explore such issues as the nature...

Costing psychiatric interventions


Beecham J, Knapp M.
GSID: -hE56t32xpwJ
J Beecham, M Knapp - Measuring mental health needs, 2001 -

The demands and needs for cost information in psychiatric contexts have multiplied considerably in recent years, but have often been frustrated by inadequate data. The typical costs data available to the policy maker, manager, clinical professional or researcher have...

Programme costs in the economic evaluation of health interventions


Baltussen R.
GSID: 3plIwt8LjVAJ
B Johns, R Baltussen, R Hutubessy - Cost effectiveness and resource …, 2003 - Springer

… estimate programme costs for many health interventions in different regions of the world. The … interventions and show that programme costs vary considerably across interventions and across regions, and that they can contribute substantially to the overall costs...

A comparative study of fairness-enhancing interventions in machine learning


Friedler SA, Scheidegger C.
SA Friedler, C Scheidegger… - Proceedings of the …, 2019 -

… -learning-based interventions. We do not consider interventions that focus on sequential or reinforcement learning such as [8, 9, 15–17] … Besides providing a central point of access to existing fairnessenhancing interventions and classification algorithms, our benchmark also …

Diversity leadership: A mandate for the 21st century workforce

workforce diversity

[No authors listed]
WE Hopkins, SA Hopkins - Journal of Leadership Studies, 1999 -

… a diversity leader is, we describe nine characteristics that diversity leaders must possess to successfully lead a diverse workforce. The … advantage hoped to be gained from workforce diversity will fall to those corporations that have developed effective...

On diversity


Weitzman ML.
GSID: iez6euove9IJ
ML Weitzman - The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1992 -

… An oft-repeated goal in many contexts is the "preservation of diversity." But what is the diversity function to be optimized? This paper shows how a reasonable measure of the "value of diversity" of a collection of objects can...

Measuring biological diversity


Magurran AE.
AE Magurran - 2003 -

… Explores the concept of ecological diversity, bringing … diversity, scales of diversity and distribution of diversity among taxa Highlights advances in measurement paying particular attention to new techniques such as species richness estimation, application of measures of diversity...

Implementing diversity


[No authors listed]
M Loden - 1996 -

While organizational interest in diversity continues to grow, many programs that support diversity initiatives are faltering. As a consequence, the valuing diversity movement now stands at an important crossroads. To say that today's choices and the actions taken will...

Showing 9985 to 9996 of 5707921 entries