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Transcription-targeted DNA deamination by the AID antibody diversification enzyme

STEM and diversification

Chua K.
J Chaudhuri, M Tian, C Khuong, K Chua, E Pinaud… - Nature, 2003 -

… Also, additional structures including stem loops 23 , possibly potentiated by other factors 25 , might be formed on transcribed endogenous S regions owing to their motif structure, to …

Phylogenetics and diversification of Cotyledon (Crassulaceae) inferred from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequence data

STEM and diversification

Levsen N, Randle CP.
ME Mort, N Levsen, CP Randle… - American journal of …, 2005 - Wiley Online Library

… Crassulaceae includes approximately 35 genera and 1500 species of leaf and stem … The flowering plant family Crassulaceae includes approximately 1500 species of leaf and stem …

Developing critical thinking in STEM education through inquiry‐based writing in the laboratory classroom

STEM education program evaluation

Kellogg D, Khan MA.
AJ Jeon, D Kellogg, MA Khan… - … Biology Education, 2021 - Wiley Online Library

Laboratory pedagogy is moving away from step‐by‐step instructions and toward inquiry‐based learning, but only now developing methods for integrating inquiry‐based writing (IBW) practices into the laboratory course. Based on an earlier proposal (Science 2011; 332: 919), we designed and...

Nuclear DNA does not reconcile 'rocks' and 'clocks' in Neoaves: a comment on Ericson et al

STEM and diversification

Brown JW, Mindell DP.
GSID: Vhd-jZ1umUEJ
JW Brown, RB Payne, DP Mindell - Biology Letters, 2007 -

… they use a 47.5 Myr stem group representative of Trochilidae … of an absence of neoavian diversification in the Cretaceous. … find evidence for substantial diversification of Neoaves in the …

Morphological and molecular variability of Lasiodiplodia theobromae causing stem end rot of mango in Tamil Nadu, India

STEM and diversity

[No authors listed]
GSID: oy40mPRt7xEJ
K Sathya, S Parthasarathy… - … Journal of Pure & …, 2017 -

DNA (RAPD) markers for genetic diversity. Polymerase chain reaction amplification of total genomic … intra-specific diversity in isolates of L. theobromae infecting different mango varieties …

Six new species of Afrotropical Allodia (Diptera: Mycetophilidae): DNA barcodes indicate recent diversification with a single origin

STEM and diversification

Johnsen A, Magnussen T.
GSID: cmqX-d0iArEJ
T Magnussen, J Kjærandsen, A Johnsen, GEE Søli - Zootaxa, 2018 -

… nyeriensis can best be separated from the other species described here based on the following combination of characters: Rm is almost twice as long as the stem of posterior fork; the …

Characterization, identification and seasonal evaluation of microbes in mercury contaminated soils

Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate AND Program Evaluation

Dickson JO, Egbo T, Johs A, Miller C.
GSID: iMgE84dlNvAJ
T Egbo, JO Dickson, C Miller, A Johs, C Sanders… - 2017 -

Mercury (Hg) contamination within the Oak Ridge Reservation has been an ongoing research. A comprehensive understanding of the potentials of predominant microorganisms in selected cleanup strategy is highly paramount. The use of sorbents has been proposed as a cleanup...

Use of the New England Aquarium to Evaluate Environmental DNA Metabarcoding of Gulf of Maine Vertebrates and Invertebrates

EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program AND Program Evaluation

[No authors listed]
S Silverbrand - 2021 -

Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding is a tool that has been used to characterize biodiversity in a range of diverse systems. However, blind application of eDNA metabarcoding primer sets to new regions and species pools can result in poor taxon...

Transgenerational epigenetic instability is a source of novel methylation variants


Lewsey MG, O'Malley RC, Schmitz RJ, Schultz MD.
RJ Schmitz, MD Schultz, MG Lewsey, RC O'Malley… - Science, 2011 -

Epigenetic information, which may affect an organism's phenotype, can be stored and stably inherited in the form of cytosine DNA methylation. Changes in DNA methylation can produce …

A molecular approach to identify active microbes in environmental eukaryote clone libraries


Stoeck T.
T Stoeck, A Zuendorf, HW Breiner, A Behnke - Microbial Ecology, 2007 - Springer

A rapid method for the simultaneous extraction of RNA and DNA from eukaryote plankton samples was developed in order to discriminate between indigenous active cells and …

Multiple roles for the zebrafish transcription activator SBF/Staf


[No authors listed]
GSID: sfu5CUit-7MJ
KM Halbig - 2008 -

Eukaryotic transcriptional activators stimulate transcription of genes otherwise expressed at low levels. The typical activator operates by binding to specific sites on DNA with its …

Metabolic engineering of poly (3-hydroxyalkanoates): from DNA to plastic


[No authors listed]
LL Madison, GW Huisman - Microbiology and molecular biology …, 1999 - Am Soc Microbiol

SUMMARY Poly (3-hydroxyalkanoates)(PHAs) are a class of microbially produced polyesters that have potential applications as conventional plastics, specifically …

Showing 25 to 36 of 149757 entries