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From 0 to II in One-Electron Steps: A Series of Ruthenium Complexes Supported by TropPPh2.

Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)

Yang X, Gianetti TL, Harbort J, Wörle MD, Tan L, Su CY, Jurt P, Harmer JR, Grützmacher H.
PMID: 27557780
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2016 Sep 19;55(39):11999-2002. doi: 10.1002/anie.201605687. Epub 2016 Aug 25.

We report the synthesis of a series of ruthenium complexes supported by the phosphine olefin ligand tropPPh2 (trop=5-H-dibenzo-[a,d]cyclohepten-5-yl) in the oxidation states 0, +I, and +II, formed via successive one-electron oxidization steps from Ru(0) (tropPPh2 )2 . The bidentate...

Motor learning affects car-to-driver handover in automated vehicles.

Science robotics

Russell HEB, Harbott LK, Nisky I, Pan S, Okamura AM, Gerdes JC.
PMID: 33157857
Sci Robot. 2016 Dec 06;1(1). doi: 10.1126/scirobotics.aah5682. Epub 2016 Nov 16.

Vehicles in the foreseeable future will be required to transition between autonomous driving (without human involvement) and full human control. During this transition period, the human, who has not been actively engaged in the driving process, must resume the...

Impact and acceptability of HIV self-testing for trans men and trans women: A mixed-methods subgroup analysis of the SELPHI randomised controlled trial and process evaluation in England and Wales.


Witzel TC, Wright T, McCabe L, Gabriel MM, Wolton A, Gafos M, Ward D, Lampe FC, Phillips AN, Trevelion R, Collaco-Moraes Y, Harbottle J, Speakman A, Bonell C, Dunn DD, McCormack S, Burns FM, Weatherburn P, Rodger AJ.
PMID: 33681732
EClinicalMedicine. 2021 Feb 11;32:100700. doi: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2020.100700. eCollection 2021 Feb.

BACKGROUND: Globally, trans people are disproportionately affected by HIV, but research on strategies to increase testing are limited. SELPHI is a randomised-controlled-trial (RCT) of 10,135 METHODS: SELPHI recruited using social networking and trans focused social media. Participants were randomised...

"PROUD to have been involved": an evaluation of participant and community involvement in the PROUD HIV prevention trial.

Research involvement and engagement

Gafos M, South A, Hanley B, Brodnicki E, Hodson M, McCormack S, Witzel TC, Harbottle J, Vale C.
PMID: 32322408
Res Involv Engagem. 2020 Apr 17;6:13. doi: 10.1186/s40900-020-00189-3. eCollection 2020.

BACKGROUND: The PROUD trial, a HIV prevention trial in men who have sex with men and trans women, set out to involve community representatives and trial participants in several ways. PROUD also aimed to evaluate participant involvement, to learn...

Smoke toxicity of rainscreen façades.

Journal of hazardous materials

Peck G, Jones N, McKenna ST, Glockling JLD, Harbottle J, Stec AA, Hull TR.
PMID: 32835994
J Hazard Mater. 2021 Feb 05;403:123694. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.123694. Epub 2020 Aug 14.

The toxic smoke production of four rainscreen façade systems were compared during large-scale fire performance testing on a reduced height BS 8414 test wall. Systems comprising 'non-combustible' aluminium composite material (ACM) with polyisocyanurate (PIR), phenolic foam (PF) and stone...

Burning behaviour of rainscreen façades.

Journal of hazardous materials

Jones N, Peck G, McKenna ST, Glockling JLD, Harbottle J, Stec AA, Hull TR.
PMID: 33264958
J Hazard Mater. 2021 Feb 05;403:123894. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.123894. Epub 2020 Sep 09.

Four reduced-height (5 m) BS 8414-1 façade flammability tests were conducted, three having mineral-filled aluminium composite material (ACM-A2) with polyisocyanurate (PIR) and phenolic (PF) foam and stone wool (SW) insulation, the fourth having polyethylene-filled ACM (ACM-PE) with PIR insulation....

Kanglemycin A Can Overcome Rifamycin Resistance Caused by ADP-Ribosylation by Arr Protein.

Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy

Harbottle J, Mosaei H, Allenby N, Zenkin N.
PMID: 34606341
Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2021 Nov 17;65(12):e0086421. doi: 10.1128/AAC.00864-21. Epub 2021 Oct 04.

Rifamycins, such as rifampicin (Rif), are potent inhibitors of bacterial RNA polymerase (RNAP) and are widely used antibiotics. Rifamycin resistance is usually associated with mutations in RNAP that preclude rifamycin binding. However, some bacteria have a type of ADP-ribosyl...

A Novel Three-Colour Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization Approach for the Detection of t(7;12)(q36;p13) in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Reveals New Cryptic Three Way Translocation t(7;12;16).


Naiel A, Vetter M, Plekhanova O, Fleischman E, Sokova O, Tsaur G, Harbott J, Tosi S.
PMID: 24216708
Cancers (Basel). 2013 Mar 11;5(1):281-95. doi: 10.3390/cancers5010281.

The t(7;12)(q36;p13) translocation is a recurrent chromosome abnormality that involves the ETV6 gene on chromosome 12 and has been identified in 20-30% of infant patients with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). The detection of t(7;12) rearrangements relies on the use...

The impact of TEL-AML1 (ETV6-RUNX1) expression in precursor B cells and implications for leukaemia using three different genome-wide screening methods.

Blood cancer journal

Linka Y, Ginzel S, Krüger M, Novosel A, Gombert M, Kremmer E, Harbott J, Thiele R, Borkhardt A, Landgraf P.
PMID: 24121163
Blood Cancer J. 2013 Oct 11;3:e151. doi: 10.1038/bcj.2013.48.

The reciprocal translocation t(12;21)(p13;q22), the most common structural genomic alteration in B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in children, results in a chimeric transcription factor TEL-AML1 (ETV6-RUNX1). We identified directly and indirectly regulated target genes utilizing an inducible TEL-AML1 system...

Showing 253 to 261 of 261 entries