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Are males and females of Populus cathayana differentially sensitive to Cd stress?

STEM and males

Li C.
GSID: wI3U4pUiGicJ
M Liu, X Liu, J Kang, H Korpelainen, C Li - Journal of hazardous materials, 2020 - Elsevier

… cathayana females and males respond to Cd stress. We hypothesize that males have superior Cd … In both sexes, Cd favored the pith and vascular tissues in stem cross-sections. …

Characterizing and contextualizing the water challenges of megacities

EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program AND Program Evaluation

Endter‐Wada J, Li E, Li S.
GSID: 8Dy9aaUglo0J
E Li, J Endter‐Wada, S Li - JAWRA Journal of the American …, 2015 - Wiley Online Library

We characterize and compare water challenges confronting the 28 megacities of the world in 2014. Relying on existing literature and diverse primary data sources, we present a unique portrait at a global scale of the water implications of the...

Building a hybrid physical-statistical classifier for predicting the effect of variants related to protein-drug interactions

Build and Broaden 3.0 AND Program Evaluation

Emani P, Li B, Lou S, Xu M, Yan C.
GSID: Bcf71QpuPT8J
B Wang, C Yan, S Lou, P Emani, B Li, M Xu, X Kong… - Structure, 2019 - Elsevier

A key issue in drug design is how population variation affects drug efficacy by altering binding affinity (BA) in different individuals, an essential consideration for government regulators. Ideally, we would like to evaluate the BA perturbations of millions of...

Evaluation of a flipped classroom approach to learning introductory epidemiology

flipped classroom

Shiau S, Platt J, Li C.
GSID: TcQ-a_mXKdsJ
S Shiau, LG Kahn, J Platt, C Li, JT Guzman… - BMC Medical …, 2018 - Springer

… This study describes the design, implementation, and evaluation of a flipped classroom redesign of an introductory epidemiology course … course according to a flipped classroom model that combined components of both. This was the first instance of a...

What makes the difference? A practical analysis of research on the effectiveness of distance education

classroom instruction

Lai C, Lei J, Zhao Y.
GSID: 5hK8JcMoc4IJ
Y Zhao, J Lei, B Yan, C Lai, S Tan - Teachers College Record, 2005 -

This article reports findings of a meta-analytical study of research on distance education. The purpose of this study was to identify factors that affect the effectiveness of distance …

The CHIRPY DRAGON intervention in preventing obesity in Chinese primary-school--aged children: A cluster-randomised controlled trial

education interventions

Frew E, Hemming K, Li B, Pallan M.
B Li, M Pallan, WJ Liu, K Hemming, E Frew, R Lin… - PLoS …, 2019 -

Background In countries undergoing rapid economic transition such as China, rates of increase in childhood obesity exceed that in the West. However, prevention trials in these …

One-hour after-school exercise ameliorates central adiposity and lipids in overweight Chinese adolescents: a randomized controlled trial

after-school interventions

Li B.
GSID: ysxW2l8U8FsJ
M Sun, X Huang, Y Yan, B Li, W Zhong… - Chinese medical …, 2011 -

… Lifestyle interventions, such as increasing physical activity and diet restriction, have been extensively prom oted forthe prevention and treatmentofchildhood obesity in % stem countries In China … W e hypothesized th ata one.hour after-school exercise program and …

Geographical diversification of growth–defense strategies in an invasive plant

STEM and diversification

Li B.
XY PAN, X Jia, DJ FU, B Li - Journal of Systematics and …, 2013 - Wiley Online Library

… We planted single stem cuttings (2- to 4-cm stem segments with one node) for each morph into pots containing a mixture of 50% sand and 50% vermiculite, and cultivated them in a …

Measuring undergraduate students' engineering self‐efficacy: A validation study

engineering education

Li CR, Usher EL.
NA Mamaril, EL Usher, CR Li… - Journal of …, 2016 - Wiley Online Library

Background Self‐efficacy has been shown to be positively related to undergraduate engineering students' achievement. Designing self‐efficacy measures to assess the …

Application of orbital stability and tidal migration constraints for exomoon candidates

Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation AND Program Evaluation

Li G, Quarles B.
B Quarles, G Li, M Rosario-Franco - The Astrophysical Journal …, 2020 -

Satellites of extrasolar planets, or exomoons, are on the frontier of detectability using current technologies and theoretical constraints should be considered in their search. In this Letter, we apply theoretical constraints of orbital stability and tidal migration to the...

Land Use Dynamics and Implications for Water Management in the Urbanizing Wasatch Range Metropolitan Area of Utah

EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program: Bridging EPSCoR Communities AND Program Evaluation

Li E.
GSID: cnHY6dgNlxwJ
E Li - 2017 -

Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the USA. Utah's Wasatch Range Metropolitan Area (WRMA), where 80% of Utah's population resides, is growing at unprecedented rates and has seen extensive urban landscape transformation in the last half...

Understanding and improving classroom emotional climate and behavior management in the “real world”: The role of Head Start teachers' psychosocial stressors

classroom interventions

Li C, Raver CC.
GSID: qMDjsIMhjjsJ
C Li Grining, CC Raver, K Champion… - Early Education and …, 2010 - Taylor & Francis

Research Findings: This article reports on two studies. Study 1 considered ways in which Head Start teachers'(n= 90) psychosocial stressors are related to teachers' ability to maintain …

Showing 1 to 12 of 47520 entries