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Knowledge analysis outside the STEM classroom

Theoretical frames STEM

Anderson E, Gupta A, Kali Y, Markauskaite L, Philip TM.
GSID: Y2copgZcdrsJ
E Anderson, A Gupta, TM Philip, L Markauskaite, Y Kali… - 2018 -

… in Pieces and related theoretical frameworks used to … has remained predominantly confined to STEM subjects. While these … It also represents a theoretical limitation. Similarity in domain …

Integrated approaches to STEM education: An international perspective

STEM education program evaluation

Anderson J.
GSID: 8mmC-4u5MB4J
J Anderson, Y Li - 2020 -

This book provides a platform for international scholars to share evidence for effective practices in integrated STEM education and contributes to the theoretical and practical knowledge gained from the diversity of approaches. Many publications on STEM education focus on...

Investigating the impact of a practicum experience in an aquarium on pre‐service teachers

Science education

Anderson D.
D Anderson, B Lawson, J Mayer‐Smith - Teaching Education, 2006 - Taylor & Francis

This study investigated the impact of a three‐week pilot practicum experience in an Aquarium setting on secondary pre‐service biology teachers' epistemologies and …

Applying positioning theory to the analysis of classroom interactions: Mediating micro-identities, macro-kinds, and ideologies of knowing

mathematics education

Anderson KT.
KT Anderson - Linguistics and Education, 2009 - Elsevier

This study contributes to positioning theory by approaching the discursive and material mediation of classroom positioning from an integrated micro-, meso-, and macro-social …

Supporting multiple literacies: Parents' and children's mathematical talk within storybook reading

classroom instruction

Anderson J.
A Anderson, J Anderson, J Shapiro - Mathematics education research …, 2005 - Springer

The purpose of this study was to explore how parents and their young children attended to mathematical concepts as they engaged in shared book reading. Thirty-nine parents and …

Does the method of instruction matter? An experimental examination of information literacy instruction in the online, blended, and face-to-face classrooms

field instruction

Anderson K.
K Anderson, FA May - The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2010 - Elsevier

… Librarians should continue to seek out opportunities to systematically explore IL as both a context of instruction as well as a field of research. Librarians cannot accomplish assessment of IL instruction to expand beyond basic IL instruction without...

Online Discussion Forum Help-Seeking Behaviors of Students Underrepresented in STEM

STEM and underrepresented

Anderson C, Angrave L, Bosch N, Jay V.
GSID: Ikx1jI1BkPsJ
V Jay, G Henricks, C Anderson, L Angrave, N Bosch… - Grantee Submission, 2020 - ERIC

Underrepresented (UR) students face barriers to help-seeking in traditional classrooms. We predicted these barriers would be ameliorated online. We analyzed online course …

A population-based evaluation of a publicly funded, school-based HPV vaccine program in British Columbia, Canada: parental factors associated with HPV …

program evaluation

Anderson M, McNeil S.
GSID: 5eVmdwZ5-SkJ
G Ogilvie, M Anderson, F Marra, S McNeil… - PLoS …, 2010 -

… Phone numbers of households with a girl in grade 6 in the province were identified as part of a comprehensive HPV vaccine program evaluation, and households were randomly selected to be contacted by telephone after the first dose...

About the Network Gender & STEM

Stem education interventions

Anderson J, Husman J, Watt HMG.
HMG Watt, J Anderson, J Husman… - … Journal of Gender …, 2019 -

From the late 1970s, the underrepresentation of girls and women in STEM fields in many countries has been considered problematic, and the subject of policies, research and …

Understanding the long-term impacts of museum experiences


Anderson D, Storksdieck M.
D Anderson, M Storksdieck… - In principle, in practice …, 2007 -

The value and importance of understanding the long-term impact of mu-seums on visitors should not be underestimated. Such information enables museums to understand how to …

Middle school drinking: Who, where, and when

middle school

Anderson KG.
KG Anderson, SA Brown - Journal of child & adolescent substance …, 2010 - Taylor & Francis

… to characterize the contexts in which middle school students drink alcohol. While research … for use in middle school youths. We first characterize middle school student drinking groups, …

Policy statement of the “informal science education” ad hoc committee

Science education

Dierking LD, Falk JH, Rennie L, Anderson D.
GSID: e37NW-bYuksJ
LD Dierking, JH Falk, L Rennie, D Anderson… - … of research in science …, 2003 -

… , free-choice or lifelong science learning, public understanding of science) but there was … that it should not be the current term: ‘‘Informal Science Education.’’ The Ad Hoc Committee is still … Science Education initiated a permanent special...

Showing 1 to 12 of 4673 entries