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The Functional Pain Scale: reliability, validity, and responsiveness in an elderly population.

Journal of the American Medical Directors Association

Gloth FM, Scheve AA, Stober CV, Chow S, Prosser J.
PMID: 12812581
J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2001 May-Jun;2(3):110-4.

OBJECTIVES: Because of difficulty experienced in assessing pain in frail older patients and the lack of pain assessment tools with standardization in the elderly, the Functional Pain Scale (FPS), an instrument incorporating both subjective and objective components to assess...

Three-dimensional control of light in a two-dimensional photonic crystal slab.


Chow E, Lin SY, Johnson SG, Villeneuve PR, Joannopoulos JD, Wendt JR, Vawter GA, Zubrzycki W, Hou H, Alleman A.
PMID: 11069173
Nature. 2000 Oct 26;407(6807):983-6. doi: 10.1038/35039583.

Optoelectronic devices are increasingly important in communication and information technology. To achieve the necessary manipulation of light (which carries information in optoelectronic devices), considerable efforts are directed at the development of photonic crystals--periodic dielectric materials that have so-called photonic...

Energy resources and global development.

Science (New York, N.Y.)

Chow J, Kopp RJ, Portney PR.
PMID: 14645838
Science. 2003 Nov 28;302(5650):1528-31. doi: 10.1126/science.1091939.

In order to address the economic and environmental consequences of our global energy system, we consider the availability and consumption of energy resources. Problems arise from our dependence on combustible fuels, the environmental risks associated with their extraction, and...

Improved direct measurement of A(b) and A(c) at the Z(0) pole using a lepton tag.

Physical review letters

Abe K, Abe K, Abe T, Adam I, Akimoto H, Aston D, Baird KG, Baltay C, Band HR, Barklow TL, Bauer JM, Bellodi G, Berger R, Blaylock G, Bogart JR, Bower GR, Brau JE, Breidenbach M, Bugg WM, Burke D, Burnett TH, Burrows PN, Calcaterra A, Cassell R, Chou A, Cohn HO, Coller JA, Convery MR, Cook V, Cowan RF, Crawford G, Damerell CJ, Daoudi M, de Groot N, de Sangro R, Dong DN, Doser M, Dubois R, Erofeeva I, Eschenburg V, Fahey S, Falciai D, Fernandez JP, Flood K, Frey R, Hart EL, Hasuko K, Hertzbach SS, Huffer ME, Huynh X, Iwasaki M, Jackson DJ, Jacques P, Jaros JA, Jiang ZY, Johnson AS, Johnson JR, Kajikawa R, Kalelkar M, Kang HJ, Kofler RR, Kroeger RS, Langston M, Leith DW, Lia V, Lin C, Mancinelli G, Manly S, Mantovani G, Markiewicz TW, Maruyama T, McKemey AK, Messner R, Moffeit KC, Moore TB, Morii M, Muller D, Murzin V, Narita S, Nauenberg U, Neal H, Nesom G, Oishi N, Onoprienko D, Osborne LS, Panvini RS, Park CH, Peruzzi I, Piccolo M, Piemontese L, Plano RJ, Prepost R, Prescott CY, Ratcliff BN, Reidy J, Reinertsen PL, Rochester LS, Rowson PC, Russell JJ, Saxton OH, Schalk T, Schumm BA, Schwiening J, Serbo VV, Shapiro G, Sinev NB, Snyder JA, Staengle H, Stahl A, Stamer P, Steiner H, Su D, Suekane F, Sugiyama A, Suzuki S, Swartz M, Taylor FE, Thom J, Torrence E, Usher T, Va'vra J, Verdier R, Wagner DL, Waite AP, Walston S, Weidemann AW, Weiss ER, Whitaker JS, Williams SH, Willocq S, Wilson RJ, Wisniewski WJ, Wittlin JL, Woods M, Wright TR, Yamamoto RK, Yashima J, Yellin SJ, Young CC, Yuta H.
PMID: 11955189
Phys Rev Lett. 2002 Apr 15;88(15):151801. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.88.151801. Epub 2002 Mar 27.

The parity violation parameters A(b) and A(c) of the Zb(b) and Zc(c) couplings have been measured directly, using the polar angle dependence of the polarized cross sections at the Z(0) pole. Bottom and charmed hadrons were tagged via their...

Rivastigmine modestly improves dementia associated with Parkinson's disease, but has important adverse effects.

Evidence-based mental health

Chow T.
PMID: 15851804
Evid Based Ment Health. 2005 May;8(2):41. doi: 10.1136/ebmh.8.2.41.

No abstract available.

Valence band x-ray emission spectra of compressed germanium.

Physical review letters

Struzhkin VV, Mao HK, Lin JF, Hemley RJ, Tse JS, Ma Y, Hu MY, Chow P, Kao CC.
PMID: 16712032
Phys Rev Lett. 2006 Apr 07;96(13):137402. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.96.137402. Epub 2006 Apr 06.

We report measurements of the valence band width in compressed Ge determined from x-ray emission spectra below the Ge K edge. The width of the valence band does not show any pressure dependence in the semiconducting diamond-type structure of...

Painless foot drop: an atypical etiology of a common presentation.

Pain physician

Gilchrist RV, Bhagia SM, Lenrow DA, Chou LH, Chow D, Slipman CW.
PMID: 16886021
Pain Physician. 2002 Oct;5(4):419-21.

Weakness of the dorsiflexor muscles of the foot is a relatively common presentation. In most cases, the etiology involves a peripheral injury to the common peroneal nerve. These patients usually present with lower motor neuron findings on evaluation. In...

Linezolid Dosing in a Morbidly Obese Patient With MRSA Pneumonia.

The Annals of pharmacotherapy

Mihic T, Chow I, Mabasa V.
PMID: 26635362
Ann Pharmacother. 2016 Feb;50(2):154. doi: 10.1177/1060028015620801. Epub 2015 Dec 02.

No abstract available.

Gastric siderosis: An under-recognized and rare clinical entity.

SAGE open medicine

Kothadia JP, Arju R, Kaminski M, Mahmud A, Chow J, Giashuddin S.
PMID: 26985391
SAGE Open Med. 2016 Feb 19;4:2050312116632109. doi: 10.1177/2050312116632109. eCollection 2016.

The increased deposition of iron in gastric mucosa is known as gastric siderosis. It is believed that the only regulated step of the iron metabolism cycle occurs during absorption in the small intestine. Once this system becomes overwhelmed due...

Author Reply.


Sherer BA, Chow AK, Newsome MJ, Coogan CL, Prasad SM, Latchamsetty KC.
PMID: 28571734
Urology. 2017 Jul;105:74-75. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2017.01.053. Epub 2017 May 29.

No abstract available.

Strongyloides Hyperinfection Syndrome causing fatal meningitis and septicemia by Citrobacter koseri.


Reyes F, Singh N, Anjuman-Khurram N, Lee J, Chow L.
PMID: 29062711
IDCases. 2017 Sep 20;10:102-104. doi: 10.1016/j.idcr.2017.09.005. eCollection 2017.

No abstract available.

Meropenem Assessment before and after Implementation of a Small-Dose, Short-Interval Standard Dosing Regimen.

The Canadian journal of hospital pharmacy

Chow I, Mabasa V, Chan C.
PMID: 29531393
Can J Hosp Pharm. 2018 Jan-Feb;71(1):14-21. Epub 2018 Mar 07.

BACKGROUND: Small-dose, short-interval dosing for meropenem has been shown to yield pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties similar to those associated with traditional dosing of this drug. However, few studies have examined clinical outcomes in the general population.OBJECTIVES: To characterize differences...

Showing 1 to 12 of 1209 entries