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Fusion of a chitin-binding domain to an antibacterial peptide to enhance resistance to .

3 Biotech

Badrhadad A, Nazarian-Firouzabadi F, Ismaili A.
PMID: 30175028
3 Biotech. 2018 Sep;8(9):391. doi: 10.1007/s13205-018-1416-7. Epub 2018 Aug 28.

An antibacterial peptide-encoding gene from alfalfa seeds, alfAFP, was fused to the C-terminal part of chitin-binding domain (CBD) of the rice chitinase-encoding gene (CBD-alfAFP) and introduced to tobacco by


Beckett AC, Loh JT, Chopra A, Leary S, Lin AS, McDonnell WJ, Dixon BREA, Noto JM, Israel DA, Peek RM, Mallal S, Algood HMS, Cover TL.
PMID: 29796347
PeerJ. 2018 May 18;6:e4803. doi: 10.7717/peerj.4803. eCollection 2018.

No abstract available.

Capturing Alzheimer's disease genomes with induced pluripotent stem cells: prospects and challenges.

Genome medicine

Israel MA, Goldstein LS.
PMID: 21867573
Genome Med. 2011 Jul 27;3(7):49. doi: 10.1186/gm265.

A crucial limitation to our understanding of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the inability to test hypotheses on live, patient-specific neurons. Patient autopsies are limited in supply and only reveal endpoints of disease. Rodent models harboring familial AD mutations lack...

68Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT for the detection of inflammation of large arteries: correlation with18F-FDG, calcium burden and risk factors.

EJNMMI research

Li X, Samnick S, Lapa C, Israel I, Buck AK, Kreissl MC, Bauer W.
PMID: 23016793
EJNMMI Res. 2012 Sep 27;2(1):52. doi: 10.1186/2191-219X-2-52.

BACKGROUND: Ga-[1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-N,N',N″,N'″-tetraacetic acid]-d-Phe1,Tyr3-octreotate (DOTATATE) positron emission tomography (PET) is commonly used for the visualization of somatostatin receptor (SSTR)-positive neuroendocrine tumors. SSTR is also known to be expressed on macrophages, which play a major role in inflammatory processes in the...

Correction to: Production of a Recombinant Dermaseptin Peptide in Nicotiana tabacum Hairy Roots with Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity.

Molecular biotechnology

Shams MV, Nazarian-Firouzabadi F, Ismaili A, Shirzadian-Khorramabad R.
PMID: 30747381
Mol Biotechnol. 2019 Apr;61(4):253. doi: 10.1007/s12033-019-00157-7.

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in the unit "μg/l". The unit "μg/l" should be corrected to "μg/ml" throughout the paper.

A conceptual framework for evaluating health equity promotion within community-based participatory research partnerships.

Evaluation and program planning

Ward M, Schulz AJ, Israel BA, Rice K, Martenies SE, Markarian E.
PMID: 29894902
Eval Program Plann. 2018 Oct;70:25-34. doi: 10.1016/j.evalprogplan.2018.04.014. Epub 2018 Apr 30.

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) approaches present strong opportunities to promote health equity by improving health within low-income communities and communities of color. CBPR principles and evaluation frameworks highlight an emphasis on equitable group dynamics (e.g., shared leadership and power,...

Effect of High-frequency (10-kHz) Spinal Cord Stimulation in Patients With Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

JAMA neurology

Petersen EA, Stauss TG, Scowcroft JA, Brooks ES, White JL, Sills SM, Amirdelfan K, Guirguis MN, Xu J, Yu C, Nairizi A, Patterson DG, Tsoulfas KC, Creamer MJ, Galan V, Bundschu RH, Paul CA, Mehta ND, Choi H, Sayed D, Lad SP, DiBenedetto DJ, Sethi KA, Goree JH, Bennett MT, Harrison NJ, Israel AF, Chang P, Wu PW, Gekht G, Argoff CE, Nasr CE, Taylor RS, Subbaroyan J, Gliner BE, Caraway DL, Mekhail NA.
PMID: 33818600
JAMA Neurol. 2021 Jun 01;78(6):687-698. doi: 10.1001/jamaneurol.2021.0538.

IMPORTANCE: Many patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy experience chronic pain and inadequate relief despite best available medical treatments.OBJECTIVE: To determine whether 10-kHz spinal cord stimulation (SCS) improves outcomes for patients with refractory painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN).DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS:...

New Recombinant Antimicrobial Peptides Confer Resistance to Fungal Pathogens in Tobacco Plants.

Frontiers in plant science

Khademi M, Varasteh-Shams M, Nazarian-Firouzabadi F, Ismaili A.
PMID: 32903611
Front Plant Sci. 2020 Aug 13;11:1236. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.01236. eCollection 2020.

Antimicrobial peptides have been long known to confer resistance to plant pathogens. In this study, new recombinant peptides constructed from a dermaseptin B1 (DrsB1) peptide fused to a chitin-binding domain (CBD) from Avr4 protein, were used for

Simultaneous administration of bromodomain and histone deacetylase I inhibitors alleviates cognition deficit in Alzheimer's model of rats.

Brain research bulletin

Badri Kouhi M, Esmaeli A, Babaei P.
PMID: 34915044
Brain Res Bull. 2021 Dec 13;179:49-56. doi: 10.1016/j.brainresbull.2021.12.004. Epub 2021 Dec 13.

BACKGROUND: Histone deacetylases (HDACs) target various genes responsible for cognitive functions. However, chromatin readers, particularly bromodomain-containing protein 4 (BRD4), are capable to change the final products of genes. The objective of this study was to evaluate the simultaneous effects...

The potential of platelet-rich plasma injections and stem cell therapy for penile rejuvenation.

International journal of impotence research

Israeli JM, Lokeshwar SD, Efimenko IV, Masterson TA, Ramasamy R.
PMID: 34743193
Int J Impot Res. 2021 Nov 06; doi: 10.1038/s41443-021-00482-z. Epub 2021 Nov 06.

Penile concerns include erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie disease (PD). Restorative therapies including Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are proposed to treat these concerns. SCT encompasses the harvesting and injection of mesenchymal stem cells...

COVID-19 Communication From Seven Health Care Institutions in North Texas for English- and Spanish-Speaking Cancer Patients: Mixed Method Website Study.

JMIR cancer

Higashi RT, Sweetenham JW, Israel AD, Tiro JA.
PMID: 34346886
JMIR Cancer. 2021 Aug 31;7(3):e30492. doi: 10.2196/30492.

BACKGROUND: The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need to rapidly disseminate health information, especially to those with cancer, because they face higher morbidity and mortality rates. At the same time, the pandemic's disproportionate impact on Latinx populations underscores...

Secondary bicoronal synostosis after metopic craniosynostosis surgical reconstruction.

Journal of pediatric neurosciences

Esmaeli A, Nejat F, Habibi Z, El Khashab M.
PMID: 25624927
J Pediatr Neurosci. 2014 Sep-Dec;9(3):242-5. doi: 10.4103/1817-1745.147578.

Re-synostosis after standard surgical procedures for nonsyndromic craniosynostosis is a rare event, which can occur at the same suture or rarely in adjacent sutures. Here, we report 2 patients with primary metopic craniosynostosis who developed bicoronal synostosis in previously...

Showing 1 to 12 of 250 entries