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Delegation in paeditric anaesthesia; a postal survey of APA members.

Paediatric anaesthesia

Lauder GR.
PMID: 11119215
Paediatr Anaesth. 2000;10(6):689. doi: 10.1111/j.1460-9592.2000.ab01d.x.

No abstract available.

Hyperkinetic behavior syndrome in children.

The Journal of pediatrics

PMID: 13406705
J Pediatr. 1957 Apr;50(4):463-74. doi: 10.1016/s0022-3476(57)80257-1.

No abstract available.

Phosphor film characterization measurements in the vacuum UV using a multichannel detector.

Applied optics

Fahr A, Laufer AH, Braun W.
PMID: 20490077
Appl Opt. 1987 Aug 15;26(16):3428-33. doi: 10.1364/AO.26.003428.

A linear microchannel plate-reticon array detector is used to characterize phosphor films. These films upconvert vacuum UV radiation into the detector's sensitive spectral range (wavelengths >350 nm). The methodology for measuring the sensitivity as well as the angular dependence...

Monitoring by HPLC of chamomile flavonoids exposed to rat liver microsomal metabolism.

The open medicinal chemistry journal

Petroianu G, Szoke E, Kalász H, Szegi P, Laufer R, Benko B, Darvas F, Tekes K.
PMID: 19707521
Open Med Chem J. 2009 Jul 29;3:1-7. doi: 10.2174/1874104500903010001.

Three major flavonoid chamomile components (quercetin, apigenin-7-O-glucoside and rutin) were subjected to oxidative metabolism by cytochrome P-450 of rat liver microsomal preparations. Changes over time in their respective concentrations were followed using reversed-phase HPLC with UV detection. No clean-up...

CT and US features of cervical lymphadenopathy due to kikuchi's disease.

Indian journal of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery : official publication of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India

Laufer L, Schulman H, Barki Y, Gatot A, Fliss DM.
PMID: 23119324
Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 1997 Oct;49(4):337-40. doi: 10.1007/BF02994646.

Kikuchi's disease or histiocytic necrotising lymphadenitis is a distinct benign clinicopathologic entity which is to be distinguished from malignant conditions, especially lymphoma.We report a young woman with Kikuchi's disease presenting with cervical lymphadenopathy and mild hepatomegaly. CT and US...

Recent developments in peptide-based nucleic acid delivery.

International journal of molecular sciences

Veldhoen S, Laufer SD, Restle T.
PMID: 19325804
Int J Mol Sci. 2008 Jun;9(7):1276-320. doi: 10.3390/ijms9071276. Epub 2008 Jul 16.

Despite the fact that non-viral nucleic acid delivery systems are generally considered to be less efficient than viral vectors, they have gained much interest in recent years due to their superior safety profile compared to their viral counterpart. Among...

Giant enterolith in ileal diverticulum following ileoplastic bladder augmentation.

International journal of surgery case reports

Kirshtein B, Perry ZH, Klein J, Laufer L, Sion-Vardi N.
PMID: 23500738
Int J Surg Case Rep. 2013;4(4):385-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ijscr.2013.01.019. Epub 2013 Feb 08.

INTRODUCTION: When adhesions, internal hernias, malignant intra- and retro-peritoneal neoplasms are excluded in patients presenting with new onset constipation and abdominal mass appearance after previous abdominal surgery, other causes must be considered.PRESENTATION OF CASE: Giant enteroliths formed within ileal...

Interatrial Septal Defect with Report of a Case.

Canadian Medical Association journal

Laufer ST.
PMID: 20322577
Can Med Assoc J. 1942 Oct;47(4):330-1.

No abstract available.

2-(3-{(3R,4R)-4-Methyl-3-[meth-yl(7H-pyrrolo-[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-yl)amino]-piperidin-1-yl}oxetan-3-yl)aceto-nitrile monohydrate.

Acta crystallographica. Section E, Structure reports online

Gehringer M, Pfaffenrot E, Keck PR, Schollmeyer D, Laufer SA.
PMID: 24826108
Acta Crystallogr Sect E Struct Rep Online. 2014 Mar 05;70:o382-3. doi: 10.1107/S1600536814004449. eCollection 2014 Apr 01.

In the title compound, C18H24N6O·H2O, the piperidine ring adopts a chair conformation with an N-C-C-C torsion angle of 39.5 (5)° between the cis-related substituents. The pyrrole N-H group forms a water-mediated inter-molecular hydrogen bond to one of the N...

A case of reed syndrome with a novel mutation in the fumarate hydratase gene.

Case reports in medicine

Laufer CB, Green LB, Whittemore DE.
PMID: 23935639
Case Rep Med. 2013;2013:926896. doi: 10.1155/2013/926896. Epub 2013 Jul 09.

Reed syndrome is a heritable cancer predisposition syndrome that can easily be missed due to its simple presentation of tender red papules. We present a young female with a history of uterine fibroids who presented to the dermatology clinic...

Tight-binding coherent-potential approximation including off-diagonal disorder.

Physical review. B, Condensed matter

Gonis A, Laufer PM, Papaconstantopoulos DA.
PMID: 9991850
Phys Rev B Condens Matter. 1989 Dec 15;40(18):12196-12200. doi: 10.1103/physrevb.40.12196.

No abstract available.

Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis Mistaken for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

Obstetrics and gynecology

Drayer SM, Laufer LR, Farrell ME.
PMID: 29528935
Obstet Gynecol. 2018 Apr;131(4):723-726. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0000000000002537.

BACKGROUND: Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis is an uncommon disease presenting with cyclical skin eruptions corresponding with the menstrual cycle luteal phase. Because symptoms are precipitated by rising progesterone levels, treatment relies on hormone suppression.CASE: A 22-year-old nulligravid woman presented with...

Showing 1 to 12 of 118 entries