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Beyond performance: A motivational experiences model of stereotype threat

stereotype threat

Brown ER, Smith JL, Thoman DB.
DB Thoman, JL Smith, ER Brown, J Chase… - Educational psychology …, 2013 - Springer

… “Our research on stereotype threat began with a practical … After nearly 20 years of research on stereotype threat, it is clear that, … The worry of confirming a negative stereotype undermines …

When trying hard isn't natural: Women's belonging with and motivation for male-dominated STEM fields as a function of effort expenditure concerns

STEM and underrepresentation

Lewis KL, Smith JL.
GSID: rVIwh0Z5nvEJ
JL Smith, KL Lewis, L Hawthorne… - Personality and …, 2013 -

… In Study 1, women STEM graduate students perceived they exerted more effort than peers to … their fit in STEM. Implications for enhancing women’s participation in STEM are discussed. …

University-community partnerships: A stakeholder analysis

Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate AND Program Evaluation

Smith KL.
GSID: 5pYQ8sfZNigJ
KL Smith - 2015 -

Universities and community organizations (eg, nonprofit organizations, schools, government, and local residents) often form partnerships to address critical social issues, such as improving service delivery, enhancing education and educational access, reducing poverty, improving sustainability, sharing of resources, research, and...

RE-AIM in clinical, community, and corporate settings: perspectives, strategies, and recommendations to enhance public health impact

community settings

Harden SM, Ory MG, Smith ML.
SM Harden, ML Smith, MG Ory, RL Smith-Ray… - Frontiers in public …, 2018 -

The RE-AIM Framework is a planning and evaluation model that has been used in a variety of settings to address various programmatic, environmental and policy innovations for …

School psychology programs' efforts to recruit culturally diverse students

Non-school settings

Blake J, Graves SL, Smith L.
GSID: nm8eUzNiHOgJ
L Smith, J Blake, SL Graves - Trainers' Forum, 2013 -

This study examined the strategies school psychology programs use to recruit culturally diverse students. Data from 69 training directors were collected via a web-based survey …

Closing the communal gap: The importance of communal affordances in science career motivation

Stem career programs

Brown ER, Smith JL, Thoman DB.
ER Brown, DB Thoman, JL Smith… - Journal of applied …, 2015 - Wiley Online Library

To remain competitive in the global economy, the United States (and other countries) is trying to broaden participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by graduating an additional 1 million people in STEM fields by 2018. Although communion...

STEM gateway course redesign teaching professional development: Resources for teaching and learning

discipline specific-education (e.g., chemistry education, biology education, economics education)

Smith G.
GSID: qf4j1oK7ABgJ
G Smith, A Stark - 2016 -

The learning object is a collection of teaching professional development presentations and workbooks for guiding faculty in the re-design of lower-division college science and …

Changes in brown adipose tissue in boys and girls during childhood and puberty

STEM and boys

Gilsanz V, Kim M, Smith ML.
GSID: Fttz_AgWhe4J
V Gilsanz, ML Smith, F Goodarzian, M Kim… - The Journal of …, 2012 - Elsevier

… volume and age in 43 boys and girls with visualized BAT (r = 0.77 for boys and r = 0.72 for … 43 boys and girls with visualized BAT (r = 0.70 for boys and r = 0.54...

Grant-writing bootcamp: an intervention to enhance the research capacity of academic women in STEM

stem intervention research

Smith JL.
GSID: 7sdmFOfSd_gJ
JL Smith, C Stoop, M Young, R Belou, S Held - BioScience, 2017 -

Broadening the participation of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields is more than a social-justice issue; diversity is paramount to a thriving national research agenda. However, women face several obstacles to fully actualizing their research potential....

Risks and benefits of treating mild hypertension: a misleading meta-analysis?


Egger M, Smith GD.
GSID: bddYM0Tp36MJ
M Egger, GD Smith - Journal of hypertension, 1995 -

The benefit gained from antihypertensive treatment can vary widely across different groups of patients. For example, in one randomized trial approximately eight fatal or non-fatal …

Does Mentoring Make a Difference for Women Academics: Evidence from the Literature and a Guide for Future Research

ADVANCE: Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions AND Program Evaluation

Meschitti V, Smith HL.
V Meschitti, HL Smith - J. Res. Gender Stud., 2017 - HeinOnline

This paper aims at reviewing literature on mentoring in academia, with a focus on mentoring to enhance women's careers. A significant gender imbalance in science persists, and mentoring has been recognized as an important instrument for fostering academic women's...

Fall prevention in community settings: results from implementing Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance in three states

community settings

Ory MG, Smith ML, Jiang L.
MG Ory, ML Smith, EM Parker, L Jiang… - Frontiers in Public …, 2015 -

… by older adults and can be implemented with fidelity in community settings (14, 15). … The target audience for TCMBB is community-dwelling older adults aged 60 and older who can … As a program implemented through existing traditional...

Showing 1 to 12 of 4274 entries