About the Understanding Interventions (UI) Index

About the Understanding Interventions (UI) Index

This work began with the idea of a conference to facilitate dissemination and exchange of hypothesis-based research on interventions and initiatives that broaden participation in science and engineering research careers. The conference is designed to create a dialogue among behavioral/social science and education researchers, evaluators, and faculty in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields who participate in intervention programs. Graduate students in these fields are strongly encouraged to attend. Workshops, sessions, and posters will communicate effective strategies from successful STEM intervention programs, present results from empirical research studies, and synthesize the translation of research findings into practice on STEM learning, undergraduate research, graduate education, and student retention. This has now expanded to other activities and resources that anchor communities of scholarship, assessment, and practice. Our broader mission is to positively impact the outcomes of efforts aimed at broadening participation in research and research careers through the expansion and dissemination of the relevant body of knowledge, and facilitate its implementation in practice, policy development, training, and professional development.


Principal investigator and co-directors

anthony img
Anthony L. DePass, Ph.D.
Dr. Anthony DePass is a Professor of Biology at Long Island University, where he serves as PI and Director of the LIU MBRS RISE (NIH), and the LIU ADVANCE (NSF) programs and Co-PI of LIU’s Noyce Teacher Scholarship program. Dr. DePass has nearly 20 years experience in grants and program management, and currently has over $5 million in active grants.
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Daryl E. Chubin, Co-chair

UI Co-chair, Daryl Chubin, has published an article in DiverseScholar titled, “A Generational Perspective on Mentoring.” He notes, “I am a social scientist by training, a policy scientist by experience, and a mentor by choice.”

He has worked for 40 years in universities, federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Advisory committee

David img
David Asai
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Senior Director of Science Education
Phillip Bowman img
Phillip Bowman
University of Michigan
Founding Director of the National Center for Institutional Diversity
Goldie Byrd img
Goldie Byrd
North Carolina A&T State University Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Calvin Briggs img
Calvin Briggs
Executive Director, Southern Center for Broadening Participation in STEM
Angela Ebreo img
Angela Ebreo
University of Michigan
Portia Flowers img
Portia Flowers
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Irene Hulede img
Irene Hulede
American Society for Microbiology ABRCMS
Barry Komisaruk img
Barry Komisaruk
Rutgers University
Adjunct Professor, Department of Radiology, Director, NIH Minority Biomedical Research Support Program
Kelly Mack img
Kelly Mack
Association of American Colleges & Universities
Vice President for Undergraduate STEM Education and Executive Director of Project Kaleidoscope
John Matsui img
John Matsui
University of California, Berkley
Vice President for Undergraduate STEM Education and Executive Director of Project Kaleidoscope
Richard McGee img
Richard McGee
Northwestern University
Associate Dean for Professional Development
Clifton Poodry img
Clifton Poodry
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Senior Fellow in Science Education
Laura Robles img
Laura Robles
California State University
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Alberto I. Roca img
Alberto I. Roca
Executive Director, DiverseScholar; Editor, Minority Postdoc.or
Yoel Rodriguez img
Yoel Rodriguez
Full Professor, Hostos Community College CUNY
Mona Trempe img
Mona Trempe
Lydia Villa-Komaroff img
Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Intersections: Science, Business, Diversity