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Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2017 Sep 27;18(9):2501-2505. doi: 10.22034/APJCP.2017.18.9.2501.

Role Playing for Improving Women’s Knowledge of Breast Cancer Screening and Performance of Breast Self-Examination.

Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP

Mitra Savabi-Esfahani, Fariba Taleghani, Mahnaz Noroozi, Maryam Tabatabaeian


  1. Department of Midwifery and Reproductive Health, Nursing & Midwifery Care Research Center, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran.Email: [email protected]

PMID: 28952284 PMCID: PMC5720657 DOI: 10.22034/APJCP.2017.18.9.2501


Background: To enhance knowledge and performance of screening as a strategy to control breast cancer, use of effective teaching methods is necessary. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of role-playing on knowledge of breast cancer screening and performance of breast self-examination (BSE). Methods: A quasi experimental design was used. Women enrolled in community cultural centers (n=314) were randomly divided into two educational groups: role playing (intervention) and lecture (control). Data were collected using a structured questionnaire before and after intervention. Reliability of the questionnaire was determined as 0.80 by Cronbach’s alpha. The women were followed up regarding performance of BSE one month later. Results: Of the 314 women, 113 (36%) and 132 (42%) had low and medium levels of knowledge, respectively. More than a third (38.2%) reported that TV and radio were the most important information sources for breast cancer and screening. There were significant differences between mean scores of knowledge before and after the intervention in both groups, but change was greater with role playing (31.3±1.9 as compared to 23.5±1.3) (P=0.001). After a month of educational intervention, 75.7% and 69.8% of those in role playing and control groups had undergone BSE. Conclusion: It appears that application of a role playing method by providers improves women’s knowledge and behavior with respect to breast cancer screening.

Creative Commons Attribution License

Keywords: Breast cancer screening; breast self-exam ination; knowledge; perform; role playing


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