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Self-regulated Learning in Transfer Students: A Case Study of Non-traditional Students.

Ieee, S Hooshangi, J Wallford, T Behrend

UIID-AD: 3872


Nationwide, only 17% of community college students go on to complete a bachelor's degree within six years of enrolling at a community college and even a fewer number in the STEM fields. Community college students are more likely to be non-traditional, who are coincidentally comprised mostly of members of underrepresented groups. In this work, we examined the academic development of a cohort of non-traditional students as they transferred to an elite four-year institution from local community colleges. Drawing from educational and psychological research, we evaluated student motivation, resilience, and self-regulated learning habits throughout the first year of their transfer. The broader goal of this project is to better understand the self-regulated learning skills and motivation of non-traditional students from the point of transfer to degree completion. This in turn will foster the development of pedagogical techniques and support systems that are better suited for non-traditional students, with the ultimate goal of on-time degree completion and entrance into the STEM workforce.

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