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The advanced placement program and hispanic students: A critique of the literature.

B Koch, J R Slate, G W Moore

UIID-AD: 3567


Despite the imposition of state and federal accountability standards, a persistent gap exists between White and non-White individuals in college readiness, college attendance, and completion. These gaps represent serious threats to the future economic growth of the United States. Addressed in this conceptual analysis is a discussion of college readiness, a description of how it is measured, and strategies for increasing college readiness. The history of the development of the Advanced Placement program is presented as well as a description of strategies that states and the federal government have instituted to increase participation of underrepresented students. Finally, we discuss three states (i.e., California, Texas, and Arizona) with high percentages of Hispanic students and initiatives regarding Advanced Placement in these three states. © 2015 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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