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America's perfect storm.

Kirsch, I., Braun, H., Yamamoto, K,, Sum, A.



It is both the growth of human capital and how it is distributed that is important for the United States. Human capital is critical, however, not just because of the economic implications. Benjamin Friedman3 links our economic wellbeing to the fabric of our society, arguing that individuals and societies are more trusting, more inclusive, 2 Sebastian Junger authored The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea. Published in 1997, Junger’s book recounts the tale of the October 1991 “perfect storm,” focusing on the loss of the Gloucester sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail off the coast of Nova Scotia. 3 See Benjamin M. Friedman, “Meltdown: A Case Study,” Atlantic Monthly, July/August 2005.  and more open to change when they see their futures and that of their children as bright and secure. He concludes that “Economic growth is not merely the enabler of higher consumption; it is in many ways the wellspring from which democracy and civil society flow.”

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