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Acquisition of a plasma-enhanced-chemical-vapor-deposition cluster tool for photovoltaics and large area electronics.

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UIID-NSF: 1018


Research Objectives and Approaches The objective of this proposal is to acquire an advanced plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor-deposition system for supporting research projects in the fields of photovoltaics at the South Dakota State University and State of South Dakota. The approach is to design the system based on the requirements of the proposed research projects and have it built and installed by the manufacturer. Intellectual Merit Due to the high cost of photovoltaic electricity and the importance of a clean and sustainable energy for the future of mankind, research on developing photovoltaic technologies with cost-reduction potential is of great importance. The PI is involved in initiating and conducting several research tracks in the field of cost-effective photovoltaics. These include 1) new generation of wafer based silicon solar cells, 2) high efficiency flexible thin film solar cells, 3) structural optimization of group-VI thin film alloys, and 4) organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells. The new instrument will support over 12 ongoing and proposed interdisciplinary research projects in the previously mentioned research fields. Broader Impacts This instrument will support the research and teaching activities at the three major research institutes in the State of South Dakota, the NSF-EPSCoR supported Photoactive Nanoscale Systems cluster, the new Ph.D. program in Photovoltaics at South Dakota State University, and projects from local industries. The PI will integrate and teach the synthesis and characterization of hydrogenated Si thin films in his graduate level courses. The system will be used to demonstrate thin film deposition for high school students during cleanroom tours.

Other Details

  • Award Instrument: Standard Grant
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Organization: South Dakota State University
  • Other Investigators: David Galipeau, Michael Ropp, Scott Ahrenkiel, Venkat Bommisetty
  • Primary Investigator: Mahdi Farrokh Baroughi
  • Start Date: 09/01/2008