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Acquisition of Instrumentation for Population Genomics Research and Education.

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UIID-NSF: 1036


The requested instrumentation, which includes a DNA Analyzer and Thermal Cycler, will provide this university with the ability to conduct research involving high throughput genotyping of DNA sequences, microsatellites, and SNPs. The instrumentation will be integrated into a complete population genomics facility by linking this system with a population genomics pipeline that was funded by NSF EPSCoR. This facility will be the first of its kind in southeast Alaska. The high throughput capabilities of the requested equipment will make it possible for a large number of senior personnel and students to conduct research involving genetics. This equipment will be integrated into courses that will help instruct students in population genomics, help train students better for the high technology workforce, and provide a huge boost to a variety of new and ongoing faculty research projects.

Other Details

  • Award Instrument: Standard Grant
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Organization: University of Alaska Southeast Juneau Campus
  • Other Investigators: Carlos A. Baez-Pagan, Carlos A. Luciano
  • Primary Investigator: David Tallmon
  • Start Date: 09/15/2005