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DNA methylation signatures of educational attainment

discipline specific-education (e.g., chemistry education, biology education, economics education)

van J, Bonder MJ.
J van Dongen, MJ Bonder, KF Dekkers… - … science of learning, 2018 -

… We took these trends into account by analysing birth cohort- and sex-specific education … biological implications, we test the association between DNA methylation level at education-… and educational attainment that remains after adjusting for smoking phenotypes (eg smoking...

PIMS sequencing extension: a laboratory information management system for DNA sequencing facilities

pipeline programs

Postis VLG.
GSID: p1c3oNtLgHoJ
PV Troshin, VLG Postis, D Ashworth, SA Baldwin… - BMC research …, 2011 - Springer

Facilities that provide a service for DNA sequencing typically support large numbers of users and experiment types. The cost of services is often reduced by the use of liquid handling …

Vegetative diversification and radiation in subtribeDendrobiinae (Orchidaceae): Evidence from chloroplast DNA phylogeny and anatomical characters

STEM and diversification

[No authors listed]
GSID: -BhmwsqO2vcJ
T Yukawa, K Uehara - Plant Systematics and Evolution, 1996 - Springer

… tion of character evolution related to the leaf and stem affords some insights into the vegetative diversification within subtribe Dendrobiinae. As shown in Figs. 2, 3, the thickening of the …

Conjugational recombination in resolvase-deficient ruvC mutants of Escherichia coli K-12 depends on recG


Lloyd RG.
GSID: 9M4nnqpCrDYJ
RG Lloyd - Journal of bacteriology, 1991 - Am Soc Microbiol

… Genetic recombination in Escherichia coli K-12 depends normally on RecA protein to promote the synaptic stage when homologous DNA molecules pair and exchange strands (7, 30). In vitro, RecA catalyzes the formation of an intermediate, commonly referred to...

Character-based DNA barcoding for authentication and conservation of IUCN Red listed threatened species of genus Decalepis (Apocynaceae)

field stations

Kumar A, Mishra P, Shukla AK.
P Mishra, A Kumar, G Sivaraman, AK Shukla… - Scientific reports, 2017 -

The steno-endemic species of genus Decalepis are highly threatened by destructive wild harvesting. The medicinally important fleshy tuberous roots of Decalepis hamiltonii are …

Methods for non-invasive prenatal ploidy calling

program design

[No authors listed]
M Rabinowitz, G Gemelos, M Banjevic, A Ryan… - US Patent …, 2016 - Google Patents

The present disclosure provides methods for determining the ploidy status of a chromosome in a gestating fetus from genotypic data measured from a sample of DNA from the mother of …

How do you like your science, wet or dry? How two lab experiences influence student understanding of science concepts and perceptions of authentic scientific …

laboratory instruction

[No authors listed]
M Munn, R Knuth, K Van Horne… - CBE—Life Sciences …, 2017 - Am Soc Cell Biol

This study examines how two kinds of authentic research experiences related to smoking behavior—genotyping human DNA (wet lab) and using a database to test hypotheses about …

UNIQUIMER 3D, a software system for structural DNA nanotechnology design, analysis and evaluation

program design

Mi Y.
GSID: aJxp8_J61xEJ
J Zhu, B Wei, Y Yuan, Y Mi - Nucleic acids research, 2009 -

A user-friendly software system, UNIQUIMER 3D, was developed to design DNA structures for nanotechnology applications. It consists of 3D visualization, internal energy minimization …

The diversification of land iguanas from the Galápagos lslands: a new form of iguana traces the origin of the modern Galápagos land iguanas

STEM and diversification

Gentile G.
GSID: _8L7bhw79vEJ
G Gentile, S Rosa, A Fabiani, C Marquez… - … Genetics for Animal …, 2007 -

The land iguanas (genus Conolophus) of the Galápagos Islands are among the most significant representatives of the fauna from that archipeiago. Their evolution consists primariiy of a history of extinctions and recolonizations, most of which left few traces in...

Extreme variation between blood and fibroblast DNA patterns in mosaic fragile X males

STEM and males

Nolin S.
C Dobkin, S Ding, S Nolin - American Journal of Human Genetics, 1994 -

The fragile X mutation is the expansion of a CGG repeat in the 5 {prime} untranslated region of the FMR-1 gene to> 200 repeats. This expansion to the {open_quotes} full mutation {close_quotes} probably occurs during early embryogenesis in individuals...

Mthfr-/-males.(A) Breeding scheme for Mat. Def. group.(B) Number of 100bp tiles that significantly hypomethylated or hypermethylated in Mat. Def. group …

STEM and males

[No authors listed]
GSID: 8Hm1sSFNu-kJ
H Hyper -

Development • Supplementary information Page 1 10-15% 15-20% 20-25% 25-30% 30-40% >40% 0 10 20 30 40 50 Pro p o rtio n o f C h a n g e s (% ) 30.4% A WT F1 Mthfr...

Dropout DNA, and the genetics of effective support

Broadening participation informal stem education

Coates H.
H Coates, L Ransom - 2011 -

Australia is seeking to expand participation in higher education–to get more students into the system and keep these people engaged in effective learning through to completion. In 2009 the Australian Government set attainment targets coupled with an explicit mandate...

Showing 13 to 24 of 149757 entries