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Surprise, sensemaking, and success in the first college year: Black undergraduate men's academic adjustment experiences

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program AND Program Evaluation

Harper SR, Newman CB.
GSID: CTO7azr5lQ0J
SR Harper, CB Newman - Teachers College Record, 2016 -

Background Much has been written about Black undergraduate men's out-of-class engagement and social experiences, identity development, participation in intercollegiate athletics, and college enrollment and completion rates. Too little is known about their academic readiness and first-year college adjustment. Purpose...

A systematic review of psychosocial outcomes following education, self-management and psychological interventions in diabetes mellitus

education interventions

Steed L, Newman S.
GSID: Tpi-l5_JM7sJ
L Steed, D Cooke, S Newman - Patient education and counseling, 2003 - Elsevier

… For example self-management and education interventions may target individuals either with low adherence or poor levels of glycemic control, whilst psychological interventions would be more likely to target individuals with high levels of depression, anxiety or stress. These...

Measurement issues in the evaluation of chronic disease self-management programs

education interventions

Elsworth GR, Newman S, Osborne RH.
GSID: T_Gqo08zZ5kJ
S Nolte, GR Elsworth, S Newman, RH Osborne - Quality of Life Research, 2013 - Springer

Objectives To provide an in-depth analysis of outcome measures used in the evaluation of chronic disease self-management programs consistent with the Stanford curricula. Methods …

What is meant by self‐management and how can its efficacy be established?

education interventions

Mulligan K, Newman S, Steed L.
S Newman, K Mulligan, L Steed - Rheumatology, 2001 -

There has been a significant shift in recent years towards patients being seen as consumers of health-care. This has been accompanied by changes in the amount of patient involvement …

Investing in human capital: Underrepresented racial minorities' intentions to attend graduate school in STEM fields

NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics AND Program Evaluation

Newman CB.
GSID: Oz54-G_1hdgJ
MK Eagan Jr, CB Newman - Unpublished manuscript, 2010 -

This study draws from Paulsen's (2001) econometric theory of investment in human capital and Carlone and Johnson's (2007) science identity framework to examine the characteristics, college experiences, and postsecondary contexts that predict underrepresented racial minority (URM) science, technology, engineering,...

Elder-child interaction analysis: An observation instrument for classrooms involving older adults as mentors, tutors, or resource persons

after-school settings

Newman S.
GSID: XRe6sNi6zE0J
S Newman, GA Morris, H Streetman - Child & Youth Services, 1999 - Taylor & Francis

… However, there have been no published studies of the nature of specific elder-child interactions in school settings or the relationships … them, either in after-school tutoring programs or in regular classrooms under the guidance of and in concert...

Self-management interventions for chronic illness


Newman S, Steed L, Mulligan K.
GSID: GpDpwQtgH-8J
S Newman, L Steed, K Mulligan - The Lancet, 2004 - Elsevier

An increasing number of interventions have been developed for patients to better manage their chronic illnesses. They are characterised by substantial responsibility taken by patients, and are commonly referred to as self-management interventions. We examine the …

Repeat tragedy: Rampage shootings in American high school and college settings, 2002-2008

out of school settings

Newman K, Fox C.
K Newman, C Fox - American behavioral scientist, 2009 -

… Castillo had graduated from the school during the previous year. On the day of the shooting, August 30, 2006, Castillo parked, got out of the car, and lobbed firecrackers or smoke bombs into the school parking lot, setting...

Predictors of faculty–student engagement for Black men in urban community colleges: An investigation of the community college survey of men

student with dependents

Wood JL, Newman CB.
GSID: 2hX_lPxL-5kJ
JL Wood, CB Newman - Urban Education, 2017 -

… study, including stressful life events, total dependents, and hours worked per week. Stressful … Total dependents referred to the total number of individuals who were dependents on the …

Black women in STEM: The need for intersectional supports in professional conference spaces

STEM and diversity

Hypolite LI, Newman CB.
GSID: 4Ursvgp9u5gJ
ME Sanchez, LI Hypolite, CB Newman… - The Journal of Negro …, 2019 - JSTOR

… of the diversity within diversity as someone said this morning. So instead of just saying like Black [particular STEM professional], it’s like Black [particular STEM professional] who is also …

Painting with too broad a brush?.

Pennsylvania medicine

Newman A.
PMID: 1614708
Pa Med. 1992 Jun;95(6):10.

No abstract available.

Remarks on the Surgical Treatment of Malignant Disease of the Tonsil.

British medical journal

Newman D.
PMID: 20756710
Br Med J. 1897 Jan 02;1(1879):4-6. doi: 10.1136/bmj.1.1879.4.

No abstract available.

Showing 1 to 12 of 1573 entries