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Water cycle in nature: small-scale STEM education pilot

STEM education

Bogusevschi D, Tal I, Bratu M.
GSID: YE-_gk4bhHkJ
D Bogusevschi, I Tal, M Bratu, B Gornea… - EdMedia+ Innovate …, 2018 -

… the future of the education and has already started to be applied at all levels, from primary school to the third level education. Teachers are … Various innovative approaches to learning and learning environments in STEM education that...


STEM education program evaluation

[No authors listed]
P Fuentes, C Retamal, T Mascaró… - EDULEARN21 …, 2021 -

The University of Talca is a public institution that belongs to the Higher Education system in Chile, accredited for 6 years in all areas and is top 10 ranked nationally. According to the institutional mission, one of the aims...

Characteristics of science teachers who incorporate web-based teaching

Science teachers

Dori YJ, Tal RT, Peled Y.
GSID: ogbjhlsx6ksJ
YJ Dori, RT Tal, Y Peled - Research in science education, 2002 - Springer

… school science teachers incorporate Web-based learning environment and materials into their teaching. About 60 science teachers from … PD meetings and class observations, interviews with teachers and principals, and teachers’ artifacts. Based on their professional growth …

Multiple outcomes of class visits to natural history museums: The students' view


Tal T.
GSID: ustrG-FtlWEJ
Y Bamberger, T Tal - Journal of Science Education and Technology, 2008 - Springer

The purpose of this study was to describe and understand the range of outcomes of class visits to natural history museums. The theoretical framework is based on the multifaceted process of learning in free choice learning environments, and emphasizes...

Final frontier game: A case study on learner experience

STEM education

El N, Moldovan A, Tal I.
GSID: Eem9rdnFe6YJ
N El Mawas, I Tal, A Moldovan… - CSEDU-10th …, 2018 -

Teachers are facing many difficulties when trying to improve the motivation, engagement, and learning outcomes of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics …

Guided school visits to natural history museums in Israel: Teachers' roles


Tal R.
GSID: 4uYDCpx7p-QJ
R Tal, Y Bamberger, O Morag - Science education, 2005 - Wiley Online Library

Museums are favorite and respected resources for learning worldwide. In Israel, there are two relatively large science centers and a number of small natural history museums that are …

Problem posing in the long-term conceptual development of a gifted child

mathematics education

Tall DO.
GSID: wx7HyxWMgzcJ
DO Tall, ND Tall, SJ Tall - A life's time for mathematics …, 2017 -

This paper is dedicated to our friend András Ambrus who has shared ideas in mathematical problem solving with the first author for several decades. In his papers on teaching problem …

The learning environment of natural history museums: Multiple ways to capture students' views

informal learning

Tal T.
GSID: De0F87yN25IJ
Y Bamberger, T Tal - Learning Environments Research, 2009 - Springer

This article describes an initial attempt to find out students' perceptions of class visits to natural history museums, with regard to the museum's role as a place for intellectual and …

Engaging the hands, heads, and hearts in a medical simulation informal learning environment

informal learning

Tal T.
GSID: 2cl4_4GGQoEJ
T Tal, S Dallashe - Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 2021 - Wiley Online Library

… We investigated the characteristics of a medical simulation-based informal learning … learning and attitude change, we compared the visiting students with a comparison group who did not visit the MSBE. The MSBE enabled mainly collaborative and active/hands-on learning...

Transgender and gender non-conforming youth

gender (e.g., male, women, girls, transgender)

Turban JL, de ALC, Zucker KJ.
JL Turban, ALC de Vries, KJ Zucker… - IACAPAP e-Textbook of …, 2018 -

… identity refers to one’s sense of self as a boy, as a girl, or some alternative gender … gender identity, not their gender assigned at birth (eg, a transgender woman who is attracted to men …

Clinical management of gender dysphoria in children and adolescents: the Dutch approach

gender (e.g., male, women, girls, transgender)

De ALC, Cohen-Kettenis PT.
ALC De Vries, PT Cohen-Kettenis - Journal of homosexuality, 2012 - Taylor & Francis

… may be unrelated to the gender presentation but still need attention (eg, tic disorders). There … puberty of the desired gender. Male-to-females (MTF) or trans girls receive estrogens which …

Complementing supportive and problematic aspects of mathematics to resolve transgressions in long-term sense making

mathematics education

Tall DO.
DO Tall - The Fourth Interdisciplinary Scientific …, 2019 -

In the teaching and learning of mathematics, while it is important to focus on what happens at each stage of development, what matters even more is the cumulative effect of learning …

Showing 1 to 12 of 3407 entries