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Sci Data. 2015 Mar 17;2:150008. doi: 10.1038/sdata.2015.8. eCollection 2015.

A global database of lake surface temperatures collected by in situ and satellite methods from 1985-2009.

Scientific data

Sapna Sharma, Derek K Gray, Jordan S Read, Catherine M O'Reilly, Philipp Schneider, Anam Qudrat, Corinna Gries, Samantha Stefanoff, Stephanie E Hampton, Simon Hook, John D Lenters, David M Livingstone, Peter B McIntyre, Rita Adrian, Mathew G Allan, Orlane Anneville, Lauri Arvola, Jay Austin, John Bailey, Jill S Baron, Justin Brookes, Yuwei Chen, Robert Daly, Martin Dokulil, Bo Dong, Kye Ewing, Elvira de Eyto, David Hamilton, Karl Havens, Shane Haydon, Harald Hetzenauer, Jocelyne Heneberry, Amy L Hetherington, Scott N Higgins, Eric Hixson, Lyubov R Izmest'eva, Benjamin M Jones, Külli Kangur, Peter Kasprzak, Olivier Köster, Benjamin M Kraemer, Michio Kumagai, Esko Kuusisto, George Leshkevich, Linda May, Sally MacIntyre, Dörthe Müller-Navarra, Mikhail Naumenko, Peeter Noges, Tiina Noges, Pius Niederhauser, Ryan P North, Andrew M Paterson, Pierre-Denis Plisnier, Anna Rigosi, Alon Rimmer, Michela Rogora, Lars Rudstam, James A Rusak, Nico Salmaso, Nihar R Samal, Daniel E Schindler, Geoffrey Schladow, Silke R Schmidt, Tracey Schultz, Eugene A Silow, Dietmar Straile, Katrin Teubner, Piet Verburg, Ari Voutilainen, Andrew Watkinson, Gesa A Weyhenmeyer, Craig E Williamson, Kara H Woo


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PMID: 25977814 PMCID: PMC4423389 DOI: 10.1038/sdata.2015.8


Global environmental change has influenced lake surface temperatures, a key driver of ecosystem structure and function. Recent studies have suggested significant warming of water temperatures in individual lakes across many different regions around the world. However, the spatial and temporal coherence associated with the magnitude of these trends remains unclear. Thus, a global data set of water temperature is required to understand and synthesize global, long-term trends in surface water temperatures of inland bodies of water. We assembled a database of summer lake surface temperatures for 291 lakes collected in situ and/or by satellites for the period 1985-2009. In addition, corresponding climatic drivers (air temperatures, solar radiation, and cloud cover) and geomorphometric characteristics (latitude, longitude, elevation, lake surface area, maximum depth, mean depth, and volume) that influence lake surface temperatures were compiled for each lake. This unique dataset offers an invaluable baseline perspective on global-scale lake thermal conditions as environmental change continues.


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