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Evaluation of the Coaching Competence Self-Review online tool within an NHS leadership development programme.

International Coaching Psychology Review

Ho Law, Sara Ireland, Zulfi Hussain

UIID-EM: 110 Bookshelf ID: 2007-19808-006


Objectives: The objectives of this case study were to: (1) develop a Universal Integrated Framework (UIF) of coaching; and (2) evaluate its effectiveness in terms of its impact upon the participants and the organisations. Design: 49 participants assessed themselves on coaching indicators using the online CCSR tool as part of a leadership development programme within the National Health Services (NHS) in UK. The tool consisted of four dimensions (Personal, Social, Cultural, and Professional) and 18 elements with 110 questions. Methods: The tool was evaluated using linear regression and analyses of variance, supplemented with qualitative review as part of triangulation process. Results: Statistical analyses indicated that the Coaching/mentoring competence was predicted by Personal competence. The competence increased with age/life experience. There were no differences in competence scores between male and female participants. Personal and Social and Social and Cross-Cultural competences were co-related. Black participants seemed to benefit from the cross-cultural dimension framework as they scored significantly higher than White participants. Asian participants scored somewhere in between the two categories. Conclusions: The results supported the underpinning coaching philosophy that was advocated that in order for the framework to be universal (non-biased), it was important to include a cross-cultural dimension within the core coaching and mentoring competence. It was recommended that future research should aim to explore the validity of the individual elements of the CCSR using a larger sample size. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved). (journal abstract)

Keywords: Coaching Competence Self-Review; online tool; leadership development program; National Health Services; Leadership; Professional Competence; Health Care Services; Internet; Coaching

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