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Growth mindset of socioeconomic status boosts subjective well-being: A longitudinal study

Growth Mindset

Chi P, Du H, Wu Q.
GSID: yQO0NpuacC4J
S Zhao, H Du, Q Li, Q Wu, P Chi - Personality and Individual Differences, 2021 - Elsevier

… Based on the theoretical reasoning and abundant empirical evidence behind implicit theories, we argue that holding a growth mindset of SES has a positive effect on subjective well-…

From nature conservation to geotourism development: Examining ambivalent attitudes towards UNESCO directives with the global geopark network

Cultural Transformation in the Geoscience Community AND Program Evaluation

Du Y, Gonzalez-Tejada C.
C Gonzalez-Tejada, Y Du… - International Journal …, 2017 -

We will begin by showing how Geoparks have not been created ex nihilo, but are rather the result of a trend towards the increased granting of heritage status to nature and natural features (the creation of National Parks in...

The impact of presentation style on human-in-the-loop detection of algorithmic bias

Broadening participation

Du F, Law PM, Malik S, Sinha M.
PM Law, S Malik, F Du, M Sinha - arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.12388, 2020 -

While decision makers have begun to employ machine learning, machine learning models may make predictions that bias against certain demographic groups. Semi-automated bias …

Forms of implementation and challenges of PBL in engineering education: a review of literature

engineering education

Chen J, Du X, Kolmos A.
GSID: eZxg-en3u18J
J Chen, A Kolmos, X Du - European Journal of Engineering …, 2021 - Taylor & Francis

During the last 40 years, problem-and project-based learning (PBL) has been widely adopted in engineering education because of its expected effectiveness in developing …

A Longitudinal Study of Students' Perceptions of Immersive Virtual Reality Teaching Interventions

Stem education interventions

du H.
GSID: azUIV0zAscsJ
T Hill, H du Preez - 2021 7th International Conference of the …, 2021 -

A series of virtual reality (VR) sessions was developed to explore students' perceptions of the use of VR as a teaching intervention during lectures in an undergraduate taxation module. The study was based on the theoretical framework of the...

Experimental and numerical determination of adhesive strength in semi-rigid multi-layer polymeric systems

Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation AND Program Evaluation

Du S, Hossain MM, Mamak M, Molero G.
GSID: YiEtu86zKYwJ
G Molero, S Du, M Mamak, M Agerton, MM Hossain… - Polymer Testing, 2019 - Elsevier

A test methodology to evaluate the adhesive strength of poly (ethylene terephthalate)(PET) multi-layer articles was developed by implementing a linearly increasing normal load scratch test (ASTM D7027-13/ISO 19252: 08). The adhesive failure load between the layers and the failure...

Research on PBL practice in engineering education

engineering education

Du X, de E, Kolmos A.
GSID: GM640Uvkm3UJ
X Du, E de Graaff, A Kolmos - 2009 -

… The UNESCO chair in Problem Based Learning in Engineering Education (UCPBL) held the first Research Symposium on Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science Education, June 30th-July 1st, 2008 at Aalborg University. The objectives of this first research...

On the use of flipped classroom across various disciplines: Insights from a second-order meta-analysis

flipped classroom

Bai S, Huang W, Dawson P, Du J.
GSID: 7gcYCj54iQUJ
KF Hew, S Bai, W Huang, P Dawson, J Du… - Australasian Journal of …, 2021 -

… view that the flipped classroom is something desirable. Yet, many educators remain divided over whether flipped classroom is really an … -order meta-analysis approach on the effectiveness of the flipped classroom on student learning outcomes. By synthesising the...

Defect graphene as a trifunctional catalyst for electrochemical reactions

science campus

Jia Y, Zhang L, Du A, Gao G, Chen J, Yan X.
GSID: HeOtkN2uwxEJ
Y Jia, L Zhang, A Du, G Gao, J Chen, X Yan… - Advanced …, 2016 - Wiley Online Library

… Currently, there is no consensus on this point although a recent article in the prestigious journal Science strongly supports the mechanism of a pyridinic nitrogen based mechanism.20 More importantly, enthusiasts of the N-doping catalytic model claim that it...

Diversity of PBL–PBL learning principles and models

engineering education

De E, Du X, Kolmos A.
A Kolmos, E De Graaff, X Du - Research on PBL practice in engineering …, 2009 -

Over the last ten years, PBL has become an abbreviation for both Problem-Based and Project-Based Learning as it was known from the reform universities that established these …

Launch Pad at UC Riverside: A Research and Training Program in STEM Fields

K-12 STEM training

Du X, Mobasher B.
X Du, B Mobasher - American Astronomical Society Meeting …, 2020 -

… Aiming to advance the Nation's STEM education and workforce … and research opportunities for K-12 students and teachers at … Pad program aims to reach 6000 K-12 students per year, …

Insight into the organizational culture and challenges faced by women STEM leaders in Africa

STEM and men

Babalola SS, Babalola OO, du Y.
GSID: Tgn8Xbbww_EJ
OO Babalola, Y du Plessis, SS Babalola - Social Sciences, 2021 -

… may have faced as STEM leaders may stem from men’s cultural view in my society that women should not issue instructions to them. Another stereotype, especially by men, is that …

Showing 1 to 12 of 22463 entries