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Reflecting upon 30 Years of STEM Partnerships between Industry, University, and Public Schools: Past Lessons, Current Successes, and Future Dreams

Minority serving Institution STEM training

Butler MB, Dieker LA, Gao S, Ortiz E.
LA Dieker, MB Butler, E Ortiz, S Gao - Education Sciences, 2021 -

… II funding as a Hispanic-serving institution (over 27% of students are of Hispanic culture) and … The LMA program is an education, industry, and community partnership aimed at improving …

A systematic review of promising strategies of faith-based cancer education and lifestyle interventions among racial/ethnic minority groups

education interventions

Hou SI, Cao X.
GSID: rmQ0esho2mcJ
SI Hou, X Cao - Journal of Cancer Education, 2018 - Springer

… to recommend group education for CRC screening interventions. Although group education was also not identified as a recommended evidence-based strategy for cervical cancer screening, the Samoan study used both small media and group education to promote Pap smear...

Enhanced minority carrier lifetimes in GaAs/AlGaAs core–shell nanowires through shell growth optimization

Minority STEM

Gao Q, Jiang N, Parkinson P, Wong-Leung J.
GSID: ta8y1ieFmckJ
N Jiang, Q Gao, P Parkinson, J Wong-Leung… - Nano …, 2013 - ACS Publications

… transmission electron microscope (STEM) images were taken from … The HAADF-STEM image intensity can be described … intensity derivative from the HAADF-STEM images (as shown in …

Defect graphene as a trifunctional catalyst for electrochemical reactions

science campus

Jia Y, Zhang L, Du A, Gao G, Chen J, Yan X.
GSID: HeOtkN2uwxEJ
Y Jia, L Zhang, A Du, G Gao, J Chen, X Yan… - Advanced …, 2016 - Wiley Online Library

… Currently, there is no consensus on this point although a recent article in the prestigious journal Science strongly supports the mechanism of a pyridinic nitrogen based mechanism.20 More importantly, enthusiasts of the N-doping catalytic model claim that it...

Translanguaging and spatial repertoire: Information literacy of multilingual international students

Asset based approaches STEM training

Gao H.
GSID: hh7hkMiz0WkJ
H Gao - Linguistics and Education, 2023 - Elsevier

… literacy, this study provides a more comprehensive look into international multilingual doctoral students’ academic information literacy by employing an asset-based approach. …

Advances and challenges in sustainable tourism toward a green economy

Cultural Transformation in the Geoscience Community AND Program Evaluation

Gao M, Kim H, Pan SY, Shah KJ.
SY Pan, M Gao, H Kim, KJ Shah, SL Pei… - Science of the total …, 2018 - Elsevier

This paper provides an overview of the interrelationships between tourism and sustainability from a cross-disciplinary perspective. The current challenges and barriers in the tourism sustainability, such as high energy use, extensive water consumption and habitat destruction, are first reviewed....

Welfare, work, and poverty: Social assistance in China

Build and Broaden 3.0 AND Program Evaluation

Gao Q.
Q Gao - 2017 -

Welfare, Work, and Poverty provides the first systematic and comprehensive evaluation of the impacts and effectiveness of China's primary social assistance program--Minimum …

Orderliness predicts academic performance: behavioural analysis on campus lifestyle

science campus

Cao Y, Gao J, Lian D, Rong Z, Shi J.
GSID: zWM449Ro_-EJ
Y Cao, J Gao, D Lian, Z Rong, J Shi… - Journal of The …, 2018 -

… in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (… campus daily routine and academic performance, and then to predict future academic performance. First of all, a large volume of digital entry–exit and consumption records are collected...

Factors associated with transition from community settings to hospital as place of death for adults aged 75 and older: a population‐based mortality follow‐back survey

community settings

Bone AE, Gao W, Sleeman KE.
GSID: fm3_x4zAjR0J
AE Bone, W Gao, B Gomes, KE Sleeman… - Journal of the …, 2016 - Wiley Online Library

… Standardized differences between death in the hospital and in community settings were estimated from findings on home deaths and deaths elsewhere (hospital, care home, inpatient hospice) for individuals with cancer—the best data available to inform the calculation.23, 24...

More diverse means better: Multimodal deep learning meets remote-sensing imagery classification

Geoscience Opportunities for Leadership in Diversity AND Program Evaluation

Gao L, Hong D, Yao J, Yokoya N.
D Hong, L Gao, N Yokoya, J Yao… - … on Geoscience and …, 2020 -

Classification and identification of the materials lying over or beneath the earth's surface have long been a fundamental but challenging research topic in geoscience and remote sensing (RS), and have garnered a growing concern owing to the recent advancements...

Spatial confinement of copper single atoms into covalent triazine-based frameworks for highly efficient and selective photocatalytic CO2 reduction

Theoretical frames STEM

Bi J, Gao M.
G Huang, Q Niu, Y He, J Tian, M Gao, C Li, N An, J Bi… - Nano Research, 2022 - Springer

… rationally constructed covalent triazine-based frameworks (CTFs) anchoring copper single … transmission electron microscopy (HAADF-STEM) images and coordination structure of Cu-…

Diode-pumped actively Q-switched Tm, Ho:GdVO4/BaWO4 intracavity Raman laser at 2533 nm.

Optics letters

Zhao J, Zhang X, Guo X, Bao X, Li L, Cui J.
PMID: 23595432
Opt Lett. 2013 Apr 15;38(8):1206-8. doi: 10.1364/OL.38.001206.

A compact diode-end-pumped actively Q-switched intracavity Raman laser with Tm,Ho:GdVO(4) laser gain medium and BaWO(4) Raman gain crystal is demonstrated for the first time. The Raman threshold is as low as 2.0 W of diode power at 802 nm....

Showing 1 to 12 of 42120 entries