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Pleiotropic meta-analysis of cognition, education, and schizophrenia differentiates roles of early neurodevelopmental and adult synaptic pathways

Asset based approaches STEM training

Hill WD, Knowles E, Lam M, Trampush JW, Yu J.
M Lam, WD Hill, JW Trampush, J Yu, E Knowles… - The American Journal of …, 2019 -

… first utilized a simple subsetting approach to identify SNPs that are … approach. We then employed a pleiotropic meta-analytic approach, association analysis based on subsets (ASSET),…

Students' growth mindset: Relation to teacher beliefs, teaching practices, and school climate

Growth Mindset

Salmela-Aro K, Yu J.
GSID: 4P4hg-H4fEkJ
J Yu, P Kreijkes, K Salmela-Aro - Learning and Instruction, 2022 - Elsevier

… school students' growth mindset with various … growth mindset among elementary school students, this study has the potential to enrich our understanding of how seeds of growth mindset …

The development of grit and growth mindset during adolescence

Growth Mindset

Duckworth AL, Park D, Tsukayama E, Yu A.
D Park, E Tsukayama, A Yu, AL Duckworth - Journal of Experimental Child …, 2020 - Elsevier

… on grit and growth mindset collected … growth mindset and growth mindset predicted rank-order increases in grit. These findings suggest that during adolescence, grit and growth mindset …

High school math and science preparation and postsecondary STEM participation for students with an autism spectrum disorder

Broadening participation in STEM

Shattuck P, Wei X, Yu JW.
GSID: dUYGf87Ec-8J
X Wei, JW Yu, P Shattuck… - Focus on Autism and …, 2017 -

Previous studies suggest that individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more likely than other disability groups and the general population to gravitate toward science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. However, the field knows little about which...

Families and community-based programs: Characteristics, engagement, and dissemination

Build and Broaden 3.0 AND Program Evaluation

Lewis C, Smalls C, Smith E, Yu D.
GSID: bkKBfw_3K_wJ
C Smalls Glover, E Smith, D Yu, C Lewis - 2019 -

This chapter identifies similarities in the ways that parents are engaged with programs that have a community-based component. It examines the characteristics of community-based programs and introduces a continuum for parent program engagement. The chapter covers three basic, but...

An empirical assessment of science teachers' intentions toward technology integration

Science teachers

Wu W.
GSID: kIK1e1nCk8sJ
W Wu, HP Chang, CJ Guo - … computers in Mathematics and Science …, 2008 -

… results indicated perceived usefulness and computer self-efficacy were critical determinants of science teachers’ intentions about … effect on perceived usefulness within the science teaching context. This study discusses the implications for science teachers’ adoption of iT and …

The effectiveness and cost of lifestyle interventions including nutrition education for diabetes prevention: a systematic review and meta-analysis

education interventions

You W, Almeida F, Estabrooks P.
GSID: RM9prjCezqUJ
Y Sun, W You, F Almeida, P Estabrooks… - Journal of the Academy of …, 2017 - Elsevier

… other types of intervention delivery agents, nutrition education is sometimes provided by other types of … education compared with nutrition education delivered by other agents has yet to be examined. As reported by Sherwood and colleagues, 14 consumers...

The role of androgens in metabolism, obesity, and diabetes in males and females

STEM and males

Allard C, Mauvais‐Jarvis F, Xu W.
GSID: d70eNxgIjX0J
G Navarro, C Allard, W Xu, F Mauvais‐Jarvis - Obesity, 2015 - Wiley Online Library

… that in males, testosterone has … in males is indirectly mediated via AR signaling in skeletal muscle. First, in vitro, testosterone stimulates the commitment of pluripotent mesenchymal stem …

Socioeconomic disparities in brachial plexus surgery: a national database analysis

workforce diversity

Wu W.
GSID: -2Jm-E42VwAJ
A Bucknor, A Huang, W Wu, A Fleishman… - … Surgery Global Open, 2019 -

Background: Brachial plexus injuries have devastating effects on upper extremity function, with significant pain, psychosocial stress, and reduced quality of life. The aim of this study is …

TIR-learner, a new ensemble method for TIR transposable element annotation, provides evidence for abundant new transposable elements in the maize …

pipeline programs

Peterson T, Su W.
W Su, X Gu, T Peterson - Molecular plant, 2019 - Elsevier

Transposable elements (TEs) make up a large and rapidly evolving proportion of plant genomes. Among Class II DNA TEs, TIR elements are flanked by characteristic terminal …

Using Connected Technologies in a Continuous Quality Improvement Approach in after-school Settings: The PAX Good Behavior Game

after-school settings

Cava-Tadik Y, Yu D.
GSID: xfAA9Q1zwV4J
Y Cava-Tadik, E Phillips Smith, D Yu… - Journal of technology …, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

… After-school is a critical time for youth because the majority of all illegal behavior by minors … An important issue facing families is the supervision of their children after-school. According … Despite this, this work demonstrates that the...

Work-in-Progress: Pre-college Teachers' Metaphorical Beliefs about Engineering


Yu F, Strobel J.
F Yu, J Strobel - 2021 IEEE Global Engineering Education …, 2021 -

The purpose of this work-in-progress study was to research teachers’ emotional reactions to engineering employing a metaphoric approach. There are two research questions: What is …

Showing 1 to 12 of 50296 entries