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Developing a gaming concentration in the computer science curriculum at an HBCU

HBCU broadening

Zhang J.
GSID: Fsfq5DP-qz4J
J Zhang, EJ Jones - Proceedings of the 43rd ACM technical symposium …, 2012 -

… Nevertheless, to our knowledge, none has been established at any of the HBCUs. The … advance the knowledge in developing curricula for HBCUs and other minority institutions. …

gKaKs: the pipeline for genome-level Ka/Ks calculation

pipeline programs

Zhang C, Wang J, Long M.
GSID: RqQsxVdoWp0J
C Zhang, J Wang, M Long, C Fan - Bioinformatics, 2013 -

… Summary: gKaKs is a codon-based genome-level Ka/Ks computation pipeline developed and based on programs from four widely used packages: BLAT, BLASTALL (including bl2seq, formatdb and fastacmd), PAML (including codeml and yn00) and KaKs_Calculator (including …

Third pole environment (TPE)

Cultural Transformation in the Geoscience Community AND Program Evaluation

Zhang F.
T Yao, LG Thompson, V Mosbrugger, F Zhang… - Environmental …, 2012 - Elsevier

… The Third Pole Environment (TPE) program aims to attract relevant … change processes and mechanisms on the Third Pole and their influences on and responses to global changes, and …

Quantifying the spatial variability of surface fluxes using data from the 2002 International H2O Project

field stations

Alfieri JG, Niyogi D, Zhang H.
GSID: Rt5si4_98sIJ
JG Alfieri, D Niyogi, H Zhang, MA LeMone… - Boundary-layer …, 2009 - Springer

Spatial variability in the exchange of energy and moisture is a key control on numerous atmospheric, hydrologic, and environmental processes. Using observations made on fair …

Understanding how undergraduate research experiences influence student aspirations for research careers and graduate education

Stem career programs

Adedokun OA, Parker LC, Zhang D.
GSID: dj3Jj2dfu9kJ
OA Adedokun, D Zhang, LC Parker… - Journal of college …, 2012 -

Extant and emerging literature on undergraduate research experiences (UREs) focuses on the identification of their benefits to student participants. However, a notable limitation in these studies results from little or no examination of the processes through which UREs influence...

The moderating effect of gender on the relationship between bullying victimization and adolescents' self-rated health: An exploratory study using the Fragile Families …

classroom interventions

Oh S, Zhang A.
GSID: mhHidMkQCbwJ
A Zhang, S De Luca, S Oh, C Liu, X Song - Children and youth services …, 2019 - Elsevier

Purpose Bullying is a prominent public health concern that affects adolescents' mental and behavioral outcomes. Little is known about the effects of bullying victimization on …

Evaluation on long-term performance of emulsified asphalt cold recycled mixture incorporating fly ash by mechanistic and microscopic characterization

Build and Broaden 3.0 AND Program Evaluation

Zhang H.
Q Li, C Zhu, H Zhang, S Zhang - Construction and Building Materials, 2022 - Elsevier

In this paper, the long-term performance of emulsified asphalt cold recycled mixture (CRME) incorporating fly ash was investigated. The dosages of fly ash included 0.75%, 1.5% and 3.0%, and the long-term service conditions of CRME were simulated by curing...

… and climatic differences in long-term effect of organic and inorganic amendments on soil enzymatic activities and respiration in field experimental stations of China

field stations

Zhang J, Xu MG.
GSID: oUU4yKq6vA0J
GF Ge, ZJ Li, J Zhang, LG Wang, MG Xu, JB Zhang… - Ecological …, 2009 - Elsevier

… We collected soil samples from four long-term experimental stations of China differing both … Among stations, soil enzymatic activities were not consistently increased with organic manure … and soil fertility in field experimental stations differing geographically and climatically....

Developing game-like instructional modules to enhance student learning in lower level core computer science courses

HBCU broadening

Atay M, Zhang J.
GSID: 3Kdp8tUhTo0J
J Zhang, M Atay, R Caldwell, EJ Jones - SIGCSE, 2013 -

… (USC) [7] and will broaden participation in CS and create an immense impact on student learning [8]. Our project aims to help WSSU, an HBCU, to enhance CS education, attract new …

The Implications of STEM College Graduates' Course-Taking Patterns for the Graduate School Pipeline

Minority serving Institution STEM training

Kuncel NR, Sackett PR, Zhang C.
GSID: bfCCakE7S9sJ
C Zhang, NR Kuncel, PR Sackett - Research in Science Education, 2023 - Springer

… We investigate STEM students’ course-taking behaviors using a … -institution dataset. We find that even among students who earn the same STEM degree from the same schools, Black …

Spatial disparities in coronavirus incidence and mortality in the United States: an ecological analysis as of May 2020

Minority STEM training

Schwartz GG, Zhang CH.
CH Zhang, GG Schwartz - The Journal of Rural Health, 2020 - Wiley Online Library

… Directives for social distancing and to “shelter-in-place” should continue to stem the spread … -documented health disparities between rich and poor and between Whites and minorities (…

Image segmentation evaluation: A survey of unsupervised methods


Zhang H, Goldman SA.
H Zhang, JE Fritts, SA Goldman - computer vision and image understanding, 2008 - Elsevier

… In the objective evaluation category, some methods examine the impact of a segmentation method on the larger system/application … Thus, we divide objective evaluation methods into System-level Evaluation and Direct Evaluation. The direct objective evaluation can be further...

Showing 1 to 12 of 114418 entries