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Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of heat flow in one-dimensional lattices.

Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics

Zhang F, Isbister DJ, Evans DJ.
PMID: 11088130
Phys Rev E Stat Phys Plasmas Fluids Relat Interdiscip Topics. 2000 Apr;61(4):3541-6. doi: 10.1103/physreve.61.3541.

We study the use of the Evans nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) heat flow algorithm for the computation of the heat conductivity in one-dimensional lattices. For the well-known Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model, it is shown that when the heat field strength is...

How Capillary Electrophoresis Sequenced the Human Genome This Essay is based on a lecture given at the Analytica 2000 conference in Munich (Germany) on the occasion of the Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck Prize presentation. .

Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)

Dovichi NJ, Zhang J.
PMID: 11169637
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2000 Dec 15;39(24):4463-4468. doi: 10.1002/1521-3773(20001215)39:24<4463::aid-anie4463>;2-8.

No abstract available.

Assessing the contribution of natural sources to regional atmospheric mercury budgets.

The Science of the total environment

Gustin MS, Lindberg SE, Austin K, Coolbaugh M, Vette A, Zhang H.
PMID: 11032136
Sci Total Environ. 2000 Oct 02;259(1):61-71. doi: 10.1016/s0048-9697(00)00556-8.

Naturally mercury-enriched substrate is a long-lived source of mercury to the global atmospheric mercury cycle. Field flux chambers, laboratory gas exchange chambers and micrometeorological methods may be applied to estimate emissions from these sources. However, field chamber experimental design...

Orbitally degenerate spin-1 model for insulating V2O3.

Physical review letters

Mila F, Shiina R, Zhang F, Joshi A, Ma M, Anisimov V, Rice TM.
PMID: 10970596
Phys Rev Lett. 2000 Aug 21;85(8):1714-7. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.85.1714.

Motivated by recent neutron, x-ray absorption, and resonant scattering experiments, we revisit the electronic structure of V2O3. We propose a model in which S = 1 V3+ ions are coupled in the vertical V-V pairs forming twofold orbitally degenerate...

Effect of defects on the elastic properties of Wustite.

Physical review letters

Zhang J.
PMID: 11015950
Phys Rev Lett. 2000 Jan 17;84(3):507-10. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.84.507.

Wustite (FexO) has been studied under static high pressure in the composition range x = 0.95-0.99. Fe0.99O is substantially less compressible than FexO with x

Determination of the Sn 4d line shape of the Sn/Ge(111) radical3 x radical3 and 3x3 surfaces.

Physical review letters

Uhrberg RI, Zhang HM, Balasubramanian T.
PMID: 10991468
Phys Rev Lett. 2000 Jul 31;85(5):1036-9. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.85.1036.

The Sn 4d line shapes of the Sn/Ge(111) sqrt[3]xsqrt[3] and 3x3 surfaces are currently under debate. By employing LEED, core-level, and valence band spectroscopy we have been able to determine the correct Sn 4d line shapes for these surfaces....

Periodic boundary motion in thermal turbulence.

Physical review letters

Zhang J, Libchaber A.
PMID: 10990686
Phys Rev Lett. 2000 May 08;84(19):4361-4. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.84.4361.

A free-floating plate is introduced in a Benard convection cell with an open surface. It partially covers the cell and distorts the local heat flux, inducing a coherent flow that in turn moves the plate. Remarkably, the plate can...

Preparation of Luminescent Polyelectrolyte/Cu-Doped ZnSe Nanoparticle Multilayer Composite Films.

Journal of colloid and interface science

Hao E, Zhang H, Yang B, Ren H, Shen J.
PMID: 11374923
J Colloid Interface Sci. 2001 Jun 15;238(2):285-290. doi: 10.1006/jcis.2001.7472.

ZnSe and Cu-doped ZnSe nanoparticle aqueous suspensions were prepared in the presence of mercaptopropionic acid (MPA). Cu-doped ZnSe nanoparticles exhibited a strong blue emission that was strongly dependent upon the Cu dopant level and the chemical surface passivation produced...

Effects of Phenotyping Environment on Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci for Rice Root Morphology under Anaerobic Conditions.

Crop science

Kamoshita A, Zhang J, Siopongco J, Sarkarung S, Nguyen HT, Wade LJ.
PMID: 11756283
Crop Sci. 2002 Jan;42(1):255-265. doi: 10.2135/cropsci2002.2550.

In the rainfed lowlands, rice (Oryza sativa L.) develops roots under anaerobic soil conditions with ponded water, prior to exposure to aerobic soil conditions and water stress. Constitutive root system development in anaerobic soil conditions has been reported to...

Intra-axonal overloading of calcium ion in rat diffuse axonal injury and therapeutic effect of calcium antagonist.

Chinese journal of traumatology = Zhonghua chuang shang za zhi

He X, Yi S, Zhang X, Fei Z, Zhang J, Yang L, Liang J.
PMID: 11900649
Chin J Traumatol. 1999 May 15;2(1):25-29.

OBJECTIVE: Exploring the intra-axonal overloading of calcium ion (Ca(2+)) in brain diffuse axonal injury (DAI) and the therapeutic effect of calcium antagonist(Nimotop) on DAI. METHODS: Fourteen SD rats were divided into injury group, treatment group and control group. The...

Rational growth of Bi2S3 nanotubes from quasi-two-dimensional precursors.

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Ye C, Meng G, Jiang Z, Wang Y, Wang G, Zhang L.
PMID: 12487586
J Am Chem Soc. 2002 Dec 25;124(51):15180-1. doi: 10.1021/ja0284512.

Synthesis of Bi2S3 nanotubes from rolling of the quasi-two-dimensional (2-D) layered precursor represents new progress in the synthetic approach and adds new members to the present inorganic fullerene family. These nanotubes display multiwalled structures that resemble that of a...

Expression of the Arabidopsis Gene Akr Coincides with Chloroplast Development.

Plant physiology

Zhang H, Wang J, Goodman HM.
PMID: 12232406
Plant Physiol. 1994 Dec;106(4):1261-1267. doi: 10.1104/pp.106.4.1261.

Reduced expression of a nuclear gene of Arabidopsis thaliana, Akr, results in the formation of chlorotic plants due to a block in the proplastid-to-chloroplast development pathway (H. Zhang, D.C. Scheirer, W. Fowle, H.M. Goodman [1992] Plant Cell 4: 1575-1588)....

Showing 1 to 12 of 135752 entries