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Fecal microbes, short chain fatty acids, and colorectal cancer across racial/ethnic groups

race as an overall term & individual races (e.g. American Indian

Jala VR, Langille MGI.
GSID: 44Y_KX2Pv1cJ
CM Hester, VR Jala, MGI Langille, S Umar… - World journal of …, 2015 -

… -Hispanic African Americans, American Indians, and Whites. … for African Americans vs those of all other races/ethnicities. … of individual microbial communities to long-term metabolic …

Changes in production parameters, egg qualities, fecal volatile fatty acids, nutrient digestibility, and plasma parameters in laying hens exposed to ambient …

Science interventions

Lee YK.
DH Kim, YK Lee, SD Lee, SH Kim, SR Lee… - Frontiers in Veterinary …, 2020 -

The present study was undertaken to investigate the impact of heat stress on nutrient digestibility and tibia and reproductive traits, and changes in laying performance, egg …

Adrenoleukodystrophy in the Differential Diagnosis of Boys Presenting with Primary Adrenal Insufficiency without Adrenal Antibodies

STEM and boys

[No authors listed]
GSID: ipO119Sn4nUJ
MR Ryalls, HW Gan, JE Davison - Journal of Clinical Research in …, 2021 -

Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is an X-linked, metabolic disorder caused by deficiency of peroxisomal ALD protein resulting in accumulation of very-long chain fatty acids (VLCFA), primarily in the adrenal cortex and central nervous system. Approximately 35-40% of boys with ALD develop...

Omega-3 fatty acids upregulate adult neurogenesis


Beltz BS, Tlusty MF.
GSID: W1upn8VJWtkJ
BS Beltz, MF Tlusty, JL Benton, DC Sandeman - Neuroscience letters, 2007 - Elsevier

… period, this process is referred to as “adult neurogenesis”. In the present study, juvenile lobsters (6–7 mm carapace length) in which only the “adult” progenitors and spatial patterns of …

Effects of flammulinavelutipes stem base on microflora and volatile fatty acids in caecum of growing layers under heat stress condition

Science interventions

Mahfuz S.
GSID: 7xcZN6tytgQJ
S Wang, S Mahfuz, H Song - Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science, 2019 - SciELO Brasil

The present study was undertaken to investigate the effects of Flammulinavelutipes stem base (FVS) on growth performance, microbial flora and volatile fatty acids of growing layers …

Assessment of Plasma Membrane Fatty Acid Composition and Fluidity Using Imaging Flow Cytometry

Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation AND Program Evaluation

Fuentes NR, Salinas ML.
GSID: v8GBn2-MpcUJ
NR Fuentes, ML Salinas, X Wang, YY Fan… - Ras Activity and …, 2021 - Springer

Phospholipid fatty acid (FA) composition influences the biophysical properties of the plasma membrane and plays an important role in cellular signaling. Our previous work has demonstrated that plasma membrane fatty acid composition is an important determinant of oncogenic Ras...

Escherichia coli K-12 suppressor-free mutants lacking early glycosyltransferases and late acyltransferases: minimal lipopolysaccharide structure and …


Klein G.
GSID: bjNGyGxhYykJ
G Klein, B Lindner, W Brabetz, H Brade… - Journal of biological …, 2009 - ASBMB

… coli K-12, a bisphosphorylated lipid A precursor molecule with two amide and two ester-bound (R)-3-hydroxymyristate residues (lipid IV A ) is synthesized from … coli K-12, which catalyze the latter enzyme reactions using acyl carrier protein-activated fatty acids...

[Degenerative complications of diabetes].

Annales de pediatrie

de Menibus CH, Lestradet H.
PMID: 2069364
Ann Pediatr (Paris). 1991 Apr;38(4):277-84.

Even optimally treated insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is responsible for a significant number of complications which impair daily activities and shorten life expectancy in most patients. The cause of these complications has been under investigation for many years. Substantial evidence...

A Comparison Effect of Copper Nanoparticles versus Copper Sulphate on Juvenile Epinephelus coioides: Growth Parameters, Digestive Enzymes, Body Composition, and Histology as Biomarkers.

International journal of genomics

Wang T, Long X, Cheng Y, Liu Z, Yan S.
PMID: 26527479
Int J Genomics. 2015;2015:783021. doi: 10.1155/2015/783021. Epub 2015 Oct 07.

Copper nanoparticles (Cu-NPs) are components in numerous commercial products, but little is known about their potential hazard in the marine environments. In this study the effects of Cu-NPs and soluble Cu on juvenile Epinephelus coioides were investigated. The fish...

Volatile fatty acids in urine and vaginal secretions of cows during reproductive cycle.

Journal of chemical ecology

Hradecký P.
PMID: 24306408
J Chem Ecol. 1986 Jan;12(1):187-96. doi: 10.1007/BF01045602.

Levels of volatile fatty acids (VFA) in vaginal secretions (VS) of cows were nearly independent of concentration changes of acids in the gastrointestinal tract, while levels in urine showed marked dependence. During three-week cycles, the VFA concentrations in VS...

Precocious markers of cardiovascular risk and vascular damage in apparently healthy women with previous gestational diabetes.

Diabetology & metabolic syndrome

Zajdenverg L, Rodacki M, Faria JP, Pires ML, Oliveira JE, Halfoun VL.
PMID: 24955136
Diabetol Metab Syndr. 2014 May 26;6:63. doi: 10.1186/1758-5996-6-63. eCollection 2014.

UNLABELLED: Previous gestational diabetes mellitus (pGDM) indicates future risk for type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Insulin resistance (IR) may precede T2DM in many years and is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases.AIM: This study aims to identify endothelial...

Diet rich in Docosahexaenoic Acid/Eicosapentaenoic Acid robustly ameliorates hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance in seipin deficient lipodystrophy mice.

Nutrition & metabolism

Xu P, Wang H, Kayoumu A, Wang M, Huang W, Liu G.
PMID: 26690553
Nutr Metab (Lond). 2015 Dec 18;12:58. doi: 10.1186/s12986-015-0054-x. eCollection 2015.

BACKGROUND: N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs), in particular eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), have been shown to effectively improve hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance caused by obesity. Lipodystrophy could also develop insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis....

Showing 1 to 12 of 15745 entries