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How to Select a Graduate School Program for a PhD in Biomedical Science

Graduate training programs stem

Chen B.
GSID: oTGsamOm6ewJ
CL Lancaster, L Higginson, B Chen… - Current …, 2022 - Wiley Online Library

… graduate training programs that offer excellent training with multiple specific program … PhD in STEM-related fields select a graduate school that will provide them with an excellent …

A DASH-based mulsemedia adaptive delivery solution

STEM education

Bi T, Chen S, Ghinea G, Zou L.
T Bi, A Pichon, L Zou, S Chen, G Ghinea… - Proceedings of the 10th …, 2018 -

ABSTRACT The Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is a standard designed for adaptive multimedia delivery. This paper describes an adaptive multimedia and mulsemedia …

Learning Module on Electric Motors Modeling, Control, and Testing (LM-EMMCT)

STEM and "broadening participation"

Chen W, Djuric A, Jovanovic VM.
GSID: lx5lrN3YTrQJ
A Djuric, VM Jovanovic, E Yaprak, W Chen - 2017 -

… research in broadening participation efforts of underrepresented students in STEM funded by … to nine graders that focus on broadening participation of underrepresented students into …

Barriers to adoption of technology-mediated distance education in higher-education institutions

Computer and Information Science and Engineering Minority-Serving Institutions Research Expansion Program AND Program Evaluation

Chen B.
GSID: 2XpY9Sdpd5MJ
B Chen - Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 2009 -

The purpose of the study was to empirically investigate the institutional approach to distance education, and examine whether the factors of concerns for program cost and faculty participation could statistically predict adoption of technology-mediated distance education (TMDE) among higher-education...


EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program AND Program Evaluation

Chen W.
W Chen, FP Schloerb, R Millan-Gabet… - … RESEARCH AND … -

APPENDIX E. NSF-SPONSORED PROJECTS RELATED TO BIOSENSING, CY2002 Page 224 202 APPENDIX E. NSF-SPONSORED PROJECTS RELATED TO BIOSENSING, CY2002 Investigator CPIC= Co-Principal Investigator Current Project Title Doug Schulz SBIR Phase I: CdSe Nanoparticle/Metal-Organic Inks for Printable Electronics Jiri Janata...

Forms of implementation and challenges of PBL in engineering education: a review of literature

engineering education

Chen J, Du X, Kolmos A.
GSID: eZxg-en3u18J
J Chen, A Kolmos, X Du - European Journal of Engineering …, 2021 - Taylor & Francis

During the last 40 years, problem-and project-based learning (PBL) has been widely adopted in engineering education because of its expected effectiveness in developing …

Educational Research Review

mathematics education

Chen G, Hew KF, Lo CK.
GSID: fAMbk34ebbEJ
CK Lo, KF Hew, G Chen - 2017 -

abstract This paper analyzed the journal publications of mathematics flipped classroom studies in K-12 and higher education contexts. We focused specifically on a set of flipped …

The Instructional Model Framework of Undergraduate Industrial Design Core Course

field instruction

Chen W.
W Chen - International Conference on Human-Computer …, 2015 - Springer

Abstract Design is a powerful weapon for companies, and it is important to educate excellent designers for industry. The purpose of this study was to explore instructional design and to …

A middle-school camp emphasizing data science and computing for social good

science curriculum

Chen Y, Wren C.
GSID: LeoIkl3eiX4J
C Bryant, Y Chen, Z Chen, J Gilmour… - Proceedings of the 50th …, 2019 -

The underrepresentation within computer science of women, domestic students of color, and students with lower socioeconomic-status remains a national issue. Recent studies …

A systematic review of the effectiveness of flipped classrooms in medical education

flipped classroom

Chen F.
GSID: ohh29tjOARsJ
F Chen, AM Lui, SM Martinelli - Medical education, 2017 - Wiley Online Library

Context There are inconsistent claims made about the effectiveness of the flipped classroom (FC) in medical education; however, the quality of the empirical evidence used to back up …

Youth STEM Motivation: Immersive Technologies to Engage and Empower Underrepresented Students

STEM and underrepresented

Chen J, Dede C.
J Chen, C Dede - 2011 -

There is no learning without engagement, a situation that happens all too often in our typically lecture-based classrooms. At the same time, engagement without learning, which frequently happens in today's digital worlds, is not a healthy alternative. Some claim...

Complexation and precipitation of scale-forming cations in oilfield produced water with polyelectrolytes

EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program AND Program Evaluation

Chen M, Shafer-Peltier K, Veisi M.
M Chen, K Shafer-Peltier, M Veisi, S Randtke… - Separation and …, 2019 - Elsevier

Divalent cations such as Ba 2+, Sr 2+, Ca 2+, and Mg 2+, commonly found in oil/gas produced water at high concentrations, adversely affect oil and gas production by forming scales in pipes, tanks, process equipment such as oil-water...

Showing 1 to 12 of 169385 entries