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Assessing the First Year of GAPS (Graduates for Advancing Professional Skills) Program

Graduate training programs stem

Jiang S, Li Q, Okudan-Kremer G, Reuel N.
GSID: J2oyptnl_T4J
S Jiang, N Reuel, G Okudan-Kremer, Q Li, R Mort… - 2021

No abstract available.

Growth mindset of intelligence reduces counterproductive workplace behavior: A mediation analysis of occupational stress

Growth Mindset

Leong FTL, Li M.
GSID: 5sr9X6mnYEIJ
M Li, W Fan, FTL Leong - International Journal of Selection and …, 2021 - Wiley Online Library

… Fixed and growth mindsets were highly negatively correlated in this study (r = −.83) suggesting that they represent opposing ends of a spectrum. Thus, items measuring the fixed …

Are males and females of Populus cathayana differentially sensitive to Cd stress?

STEM and males

Li C.
GSID: wI3U4pUiGicJ
M Liu, X Liu, J Kang, H Korpelainen, C Li - Journal of hazardous materials, 2020 - Elsevier

… cathayana females and males respond to Cd stress. We hypothesize that males have superior Cd … In both sexes, Cd favored the pith and vascular tissues in stem cross-sections. …

Ultrasonic atomization of titanium isopropoxide at room temperature for TiO2 atomic layer deposition

EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program AND Program Evaluation

Jang MH, Lei Y.
MH Jang, Y Lei - Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A …, 2020 -

Room temperature evaporation of titanium isopropoxide [Ti [OCH (CH3) 2] 4, TTIP] precursor was performed using ultrasonic atomization for TiO2 atomic layer deposition (ALD). Quartz crystal microbalance data show comparable results between room temperature TTIP ultrasonic atomization and conventional...

A systematic approach to engineering ethics education

engineering education

Fu S, Li J.
J Li, S Fu - Science and engineering ethics, 2012 - Springer

Engineering ethics education is a complex field characterized by dynamic topics and diverse students, which results in significant challenges for engineering ethics educators. The …

Pricing scheme design of ridesharing program in morning commute problem

program design

Liu Y, Li Y.
Y Liu, Y Li - Transportation Research Part C: Emerging …, 2017 - Elsevier

This paper examines the dynamic user equilibrium of the morning commute problem in the presence of ridesharing program. Commuters simultaneously choose departure time from home and commute mode among three roles: solo driver, ridesharing driver, and ridesharing …

Performing in silico experiments on the Grid: a users perspective

science campus

Li P, Radenkovic M, Wipat A.
…, P Li, M Radenkovic, A Wipat, J Campus - Proc UK e-Science …, 2003 -

… e-Science and the Grid are not the same; the large-scale movement of data and the exploitation of computation is not the same as the … science, but something more is needed over and above the classic Grid to...

Parental involvement and children's readiness for school in China

educational research

Li H, Rao N.
GSID: RH3VtP6ccucJ
EYH Lau, H Li, N Rao - Educational Research, 2011 - Taylor & Francis

… Two research questions guided this investigation: … cities in China and are likely to have more western educational influences, such as the inclusion of parents in … The present study also built upon previous parental involvement research and...

All-window data liveness

pipeline programs

Ding C, Li P.
P Li, C Ding - Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on …, 2013 -

This paper proposes a new metric called all-window liveness, which is the average amount of live data in all time windows of a given length. The paper gives a linear-time algorithm to …

Bridging across the mile-wide and mile-deep chasm

science instruction

Li J.
J Li - Standards in education, 2007 -

Nearly ten years ago, the phrase “a mile wide and an inch deep” entered the public and academic discourse on science education in the US It was the stinging indictment from the …

A school-based comprehensive intervention for childhood obesity in China: a cluster randomized controlled trial

education interventions

Li Q, Ni C.
GSID: rbZenItpQl0J
Z Liu, Q Li, R Maddison, C Ni Mhurchu, Y Jiang… - Childhood …, 2019 -

Background: A comprehensive approach involving both environmental and individual strategies offers opportunities to strengthen school-based interventions for childhood …

Understanding language teachers' practice with educational technology: A case from China

teaching innovation

Li L.
GSID: zqzjjBhli_8J
L Li - System, 2014 - Elsevier

This article explores how eight secondary school teachers integrated educational technology into English language teaching in Beijing, China and considers their views of the …

Showing 1 to 12 of 196347 entries