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Design and Development: NSF Engineering Research Centers Unite: Developing and Testing a Suite of Instruments to Enhance Overall Education Program …

Broadening participation in STEM

Carberry A, Jordan M, Larson J.
GSID: S_pAwygNheYJ
Z Zhao, A Carberry, J Larson, M Jordan… - American Society for …, 2021 -

National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Engineering Research Centers (ERC) must complement their technical research with various education and outreach opportunities to: 1) improve and promote engineering education, both within the center and to the local community; 2) encourage and...

Assessing the impact of climate change on migration and conflict

Cultural Transformation in the Geoscience Community AND Program Evaluation

Jordan L, Salehyan I.
GSID: ysXjxlo1ZFEJ
C Raleigh, L Jordan, I Salehyan - … Dimensions of Climate Change …, 2008 -

Climate change is expected to bring about significant changes in migration patterns throughout the developing world. Increases in the frequency and severity of chronic environmental …

What should every citizen know about ecology?

discipline specific instruction (e.g., engineering curriculum, social science teachers, geology pedagogy)

Jordan R.
R Jordan, F Singer, J Vaughan… - Frontiers in Ecology …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library

The level of ecological literacy among the general population in the US and other countries is not known, although there is widespread concern that it is too low to enable effective …

Patterns of teacher‐student interaction in inclusive elementary classrooms and correlates with student self-concept

instructional interventions

Jordan A, Stanovich P.
GSID: obNymw9gC7sJ
A Jordan, P Stanovich - International Journal of Disability …, 2001 - Taylor & Francis

… In contrast to the PATH teachers, their EX/AR students received more instructional interactions than their TA students. As expected, … instructional interactions with students with and without disabilities in inclusive classrooms, and the possible impact of instructional interventions...

Canadian teachers' and principals' beliefs about inclusive education as predictors of effective teaching in heterogeneous classrooms

instructional interventions

Jordan A, Stanovich PJ.
PJ Stanovich, A Jordan - The Elementary School Journal, 1998 -

In this study, we attempted to predict the performance of teacher behaviors associated with effective teaching in heterogeneous classrooms from a set of variables identified in the …

OCD in School Settings

out of school settings

Sulkowski ML, Jordan C.
ML Sulkowski, C Jordan, SR Dobrinsky… - The Clinician's Guide to …, 2018 - Elsevier

… with OCD face in school settings and provides a practical guide for clinicians and parents to navigate the school system effectively. It also … disability law as well as ways for school personnel to support children with OCD...

Who has a problem, the student or the teacher? Differences in teachers' beliefs about their work with at‐risk and integrated exceptional students

instructional interventions

Jordan A, Kircaali‐Iftar G.
A Jordan, G Kircaali‐Iftar… - International Journal of …, 1993 - Taylor & Francis

In this study, teachers' assumptions and beliefs are explored about the needs of at‐risk and exceptional students, and about their roles and responsibilities in meeting such needs …

Classroom teachers' instructional interactions with students who are exceptional, at risk, and typically achieving

instructional interventions

Jordan A.
A Jordan, L Lindsay… - Remedial and special …, 1997 -

… The second question addressed in this study was whether the number and quality of instructional interactions differed for students who were exceptional and at risk compared to typically achieving students. Group PATH teachers exhibited similar patterns of academic...

Public Participation in Scientific Research: Defining the Field and Assessing Its Potential for Informal Science Education. A CAISE Inquiry Group Report

Science education

Bonney R, Ballard H, Jordan R, McCallie E, Phillips T.
GSID: Ez-bpn4KGiAJ
R Bonney, H Ballard, R Jordan, E McCallie, T Phillips… - Online submission, 2009 - ERIC

… We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for its support of CAISE and the informal science education field. … We suggest that projects focusing on PPSR represent an emerging field of informal science education that is ripe...

The UK open textbooks report

discipline specific-education (e.g., chemistry education, biology education, economics education)

Pitt R, Farrow R, Jordan K, de B, Weller M.
R Pitt, R Farrow, K Jordan, B de los Arcos, M Weller… - 2019 -

… a range of higher education institutions (HEIs) and targeted promotion at specific education conferences, the … This creates a strong economic argument for their adoption. … In the case of the Biology one I’ve taken the first 20...

Adult obstructive sleep apnoea


Jordan AS, Malhotra A.
GSID: IxfpCslb2YAJ
AS Jordan, DG McSharry, A Malhotra - The Lancet, 2014 - Elsevier

Obstructive sleep apnoea is an increasingly common disorder of repeated upper airway collapse during sleep, leading to oxygen desaturation and disrupted sleep. Features include …

Teachers' personal epistemological beliefs about students with disabilities as indicators of effective teaching practices

instructional interventions

Jordan A, Stanovich P.
GSID: Lao39Bmw4VEJ
A Jordan, P Stanovich - Journal of research in special …, 2003 - Wiley Online Library

Teachers' epistemological beliefs, that is, their beliefs about the nature of knowledge and how it is learned, appear to be highly influential in their classroom practices. To date, the …

Showing 1 to 12 of 4418 entries